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100 Most Famous Personalities in the World :

Akbar (1556–1605)—He was the greatest of Mughal Emperors of India, founder of the new religion ‘Din-i-Ilahi’.

Alberuni—A great historian who visited India in company with Mahmud Ghazni’s forces.

Amartya Sen Prof.—The recipient of Nobel Prize for Economics for the year 1998 Prof. Amartya Sen revolutionized world outlook on welfare economics.

Andrew C.F.—A British missionary who came to India in 1904. He worked for the freedom of India. He was known as Deen Bandhu.

Prof. Anusuya Chinaswamy Turan—Internationally acclaimed South African palaeobiologist of Indian Origin, Prof. Anusuya Chinaswamy Turan was named ‘Woman of the year 2005’ by certain South African agencies.

Arvid Carlsson—He has been awarded Nobel Prize 2000 in Medicine.

Arun Netravali—President of Bell Labs (USA), he is known as India’s Thomas Alva Edison. Like Edison’s 1093 patented inventions, Netravali’s 70 have hastened the evolution of techonology. Among his inventions is the world’s smallest working transistor.

Dr. Abdul Kalam, A.P.J.—He had been a scientist of repute, familiarly known as Missile Man of India. He was elected President of India in July 2002.

Aryabhatta—A great astronomer and mathematician of ancient India. India named her first scientific satellite after his death.

Amir Khusro—A great Muslim saint who lived in the time of Alauddin Khilji. Known for his Pahelis and songs.

Arthen Dunkel—He was the author of the ‘Dunkel Draft’ which ushered in global free-trade treaties and the World Trade Orga-nisation. He passed away in 2005.

Baden Powell (1857-1941)—Founder of the Boy Scouts Movement in 1908 and Girl Guides in 1910.

Bana Bhatt—The most learned Court poet of Harshvardhana, author of ‘Kadambari’ and ‘Harshcharitsar’.

Beethoven—A great German musician and composer of world fame.

Besant Annie (1846-1933)—An Irish woman who staunchly supported India’s freedom movement. Founder of the Theosophical Society in India.

Bjorn Borg—The tennis wonder of Sweden the Wimbledon Tennis King. He won his 5th successive Wimbeldon men’s singles title in London on July 5, 1980.

Bhabha Dr. Homi Jahangir (1909-66)—Was a great Indian scientist, first chairman of Atomic Energy Commission of India; made significant researches in the structure of atom and cosmic rays.

Bennerji Womesh Chandra—The first President of Indian National Congress.

Bhaskara I—A noted Indian astronomer of 9th century A.D.

Bhaskara II—One of the distinguished Indian astronomers and mathematicians of 12th century A.D. It may be remembred that India named her 2nd scientific satellite launched into space from a Soviet cosmodrome on June 27, 1979 after the name of Bhaskara.

Bhattacharya, Kanchan Chaudhry—Ms. Kanchan Chaudhry Bhattacharya became the first woman Director General of Police (DGP) in the country when she assumed charge as DGP Uttaranchal on June 17, 2004.

Bose, Nand Lal—Famous Indian artist, died in May 1966.

Bose J. C. (1858-1937)—Eminent Indian botanist; inventor of crescograph.

Bose, Subash Chandra—A great freedom fighter of India; popularly known as Netaji; founded the Indian National Army. Died in a plane crash in 1945.

Chatterjee Bankim’ Chandra—Literary king of Bengal after Madhusudan; author of ‘Anand Math’.
Columbus (1446-1506)—Famous Italian navigator who discovered America in 1492.

Confucius (551-449 B.C.)—Chinese sage and philosopher; founder of the great world religion Confucianism.

Che Guevara—A guerilla revolutionary who tried to foment revolts in several Latin American countries; shot dead in 1967.

Dante (1265-1321)—One of the greatest Italian poets; author of Divine Comedia’.

Darwin Charles (1802-82)—Discoverer of the Theory of Natural Selection, author of ‘The Origin of Species’.

Epicurus (542-270 B.C.)—Greek philosopher; founder of Epicurean philosophy.

Fa-hien—The first Chinese pilgrim who visited India during the reign of Chandra Gupta Vikramaditya.

Florence Nightingale—Also known as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ the great English nurse who served the wounded soldiers in the Crimean War.

Galileo (1564-1642)—Italian scientist; inventor of telescope.

Garibaldi (1807-1882)—A great Italian fighter for freedom; played a great role in the unification of Italy.

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