BPNL Exam General knowledge questions and answers

What herb gets its name from Latin for jewel of the sea
Rosemary – Ros Marinas

Which job was so dangerous staff adverts wanted orphans only
Pony Express

Which painter spent last 4 years of his life on the run for murder
Carravagio for murder in Rome

Where would you find bow, bay and traytime parts of what
Male deer's antlers

What nationality was Cleopatra

Sergey Bubka broke world record over 30 times in which event
Pole Vault

In which London street is the US embassy
Grosvener Square

Who is the alter ego of Henry the mild mannered janitor
Hong Kong Phooey

Which German city was the setting of Auf Wierdersehn Pet

Ailsa Craig, Bedford Champion and Rijnsburger varieties of what

What interested a nomologist
Scientific Laws

Which car company was founded by Sir William Lyons in 1922

Post boxes in the UK are red what colour are they in France

What would an Irishman do with his shone
Cut Peat

In mythology who are sometimes called the dioscuri
Castor Pollux Zeus twin sons

Which group had hits with Fernando and Angelo
Brotherhood of Man

Vaduz is the capitol of where

The Simpsons are the longest running cartoon who is second
The Flintstones

1777 George Macintosh created a red dye cudbear what is it
Litmus – Ammonia and lichens

In which form of Japanese theatre are all roles played by men

Which spirit was once known as kill devil

18% of Americans mention who in their will
Their pet

In Greek mythology Cronos and Rhea were the parents of who

Richard Adams wrote the novel Shardik what was Shardik
A Bear

What was the last European nation to accept the potato

Which comic strip hero shares his name with a town in Turkey

In Bewitched name the witch doctor who treats Samantha
Doctor Bombay

The Archie Moore cup is competed for in which sport

In Gone With the Wind name Ashley Wilkes plantation
Twelve Oaks

In Ancient Rome what creature was the symbol of liberty
The Cat

The Dove awards are presented annually for what
Gospel music

Cape Comorin is the most southerly point of where

Xmas UK children hang stockings what do Dutch children use

In a survey 32% of wives would change their husbands what

The French newspaper La Monde translates as what
The World

Where is the dirtiest skin on your body
The face

According to USA today what is the favorite’s luxury car
1 Lexus 2 Mercedes 3BMW

The Demologos was the first steam powered what

In which city is the distinctive building of the saddledome

A university has a campus what does it literally mean
A Field

What is the name of Snoopy's sister

Which country invented the clothing button in the 13th century

Richard Bachman is a pseudonym of which author
Steven King

What was invented in the 1800s and sold as a diarrhoea cure
Tomato Ketchup

Who was once billed as The Atomic Powered Singer

Elvis Presley

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