HSSC Recruitment 2017 – Haryana Staff Selection Commission – 5532 Constables (General Duty) Vacancies Exam

1. The Chief Justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Court suspended last year by President Musharraf was—
(A) Shaukat Aziz (B) Anees Fahim
(C) Ifthikar Chaudhury (D) Farooq Leghari
Ans : (C)

2. Which of the following organizations has set the target of reducing Greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by the year 2050 ?
(A) United Nations (B) UNDP
(C) G-8 (D) SAARC
Ans : (C)

3. The Sunfeast Open Tournament (2007) was won by—
(A) Vania King (B) Sania Mirza
(C) Mariya Korytheseva (D) Maria Kirilenke
Ans : (D)

4. Who was the Men’s national senior Billiards champion in 2007 ?
(A) Pankaj Advani (B) Ashok Shandilya
(C) Abhijeet Gupta (D) None of the above
Ans : (A)

5. Ustad Amzad Ali Khan is an exponent of—
(A) Santoor (B) Sarod
(C) Violin (D) Tabla
Ans : (B)

6. Which book is written by Satyendra Nath Dutta ?
(A) Agnibina (B) Kuhu-O-Keka
(C) Sagar-Theke-Fera (D) Trijama
Ans : (B)

7. Which State is regarded as the land of five rivers ?
(A) Gujarat (B) Assam
(C) Chhattisgarh (D) Punjab
Ans : (D)

8. The largest rice producing State in India is—
(A) West Bengal (B) Punjab
(C) Uttar Pradesh (D) Haryana
Ans : (A)

9. China’s national game is—
(A) Football (B) Hockey
(C) Polo (D) Table Tennis
Ans : (D)

10. The oldest oilfield in India is—
(A) Moran (B) Makum
(C) Digboi (D) Dibrugarh
Ans : (C)

11. Density of population is highest in which State of India ?
(A) West Bengal (B) Maharashtra
(C) Bihar (D) Uttar Pradesh
Ans : (A)

12. Given that the absolute refractive indices of water and glass are 4/3 and 3/2 respectively. What is the refractive index of glass with reference to water ?
(A) 2/3 (B) 8/9
(C) 9/8 (D) ¾
Ans : (C)

13. In the alkane series methane is followed by—
(A) Propane (B) Butane
(C) Benzene (D) Ethane
Ans : (D)

14. The Secretary-General of the Commonwealth is—
(A) Don McKinnon (B) Kamalesh Sharma
(C) Avinash Chander (D) Vijay Kelkar
Ans : (B)

15. The term ‘Penhold Grip’ is associated with—
(A) Tennis (B) Rowing
(C) Table Tennis (D) Hockey
Ans : (C)

16. A force of 5 N acts on a body for 0•2 secs. The change in momentum of the body is—
(A) 1 kg ms-1 (B) 0.1 kg ms-1
(C) 10 kg ms-1 (D) The given data is insufficient
Ans : (D)

17. Organic compound used for welding and artificially ripening of fruits is—
(A) CH(B) C2H6
(C)C2H(D) C2H4
Ans : (D)

18. In rabbit, the digestion of cellulose takes place in—
(A) Rectum (B) Ileum
(C) Colon (D) Caecum
Ans : (C)

19. Rolland Garros is associated with—
(A) Badminton (B) Football
(C) Tennis (D) Rowing
Ans : (C)

20. Which of the following elements is essential for animals but not in plants ?
(A) Potassium (B) Phosphorus
(C) Calcium (D) Iodine
Ans : (C)

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