General knowledge questions and answers

#  A train of 350 metres long is running at a speed of 32 km/hr. A man from the opposite direction is coming at a speed of 3 km/hr. How long will the train take to cross this man ?
(A) 28 sec
(B) 24 sec
(C) 36 sec
(D) 32 sec
Ans : (C)

50 = ?
×40. 0•45 / 0•005 + 0•2
(A) 10
(B) 90
(C) 100
(D) 90•1
Ans : (C)

#  “A speech delivered without any previous preparation” can be expressed in one word only out of the following—
(A) Extempore
(B) Maiden
(C) Spinster
(D) Empiric
Ans : (A)

#  The garden is very dry today. Fetch me a …… of water.
(A) pale
(B) pail
(C) pile
(D) pill
Ans : (B)

#  Please, may I have……oranges ?
(A) a few
(B) some
(C) little
(D) less
Ans : (B)

#  Delhi is …… than Nagpur.
(A) more bigger
(B) so bigger
(C) very bigger
(D) much bigger
Ans : (D)

#  Use proper conjunction in the sentence given below—
“Give me……poverty……riches.”
(A) is/was
(B) nor/neither
(C) neither/nor
(D) here/there
Ans : (C)

#  We need to……our appointment.
(A) reconnect
(B) reschedule
(C) reorganize
(D) regret
Ans : (B)

#  SCEPTICAL is exactly opposite to—
(A) Convinced
(B) Doubtful
(C) Questioning
(D) Cynic
Ans : (A)

#  Choose the wrongly spelt word—
(A) Relevent
(B) Poignant
(C) Prevalent
(D) Malignant
Ans : (A)

#  A person who hates the institution of marriage—
(A) Misologist
(B) Misogamist
(C) Misogynist
(D) Philogynist
Ans : (C)

#  We have been friends for ages. I …… her since we were children.
(A) am knowing
(B) are known
(C) have known
(D) is known
Ans : (C)

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