General knowledge questions and answers

Before X-ray examination (coloured X-ray) of the stomach, patients are given suitable salt of barium because– 
(A) barium salts are white in colour and this helps stomach to appear clearly. 
(B) barium is a good absorber of X-rays and helps stomach to appear dearly. 
(C) barium salts are easily available. 
(D) barium allows X-rays to pass through the stomach. 
(Ans : B)

The elements of a group in the periodic table– 
(A) have similar chemical properties.
(B) have consecutive atomic numbers. 
(C) are isobars.
(D) are isotopes. 
(Ans : A)

Which one of the following polymers is used for making bulletproof material ? 
(A) Polyvinyl chloride
(B) Polystyrene 
(C) Polyethylene
(D) Polyamide 
(Ans : C)

The pH of human blood is normally around– 
(A) 4.5–5.5
(B) 5.5–6.5 
(C) 7.5–8.0
(D) 8.5–9.0 
(Ans : C)

The pH of fresh groundwater slightly decreases upon exposure to air because– 
(A) carbon dioxide from air is dissolved in the water. 
(B) oxygen from air is dissolved in the water. 
(C) the dissolved carbon dioxide of the groundwater escapes into air. 
(D) the dissolved oxygen of the groundwater escapes into air. 
(Ans : A)

Which among the following countries has recently decided to give a grant of US $1 billion for the reconstruction of the Nalanda University? 
(B) China 
(C) UK
(D) Japan 
(Ans : B)

Which one Of the following is the fastest Indian Supercomputer recently developed by ISRO ? 
(A) Aakash-A1
(B) Saga-220 
(C) Jaguar-Cray
(D) Tianhe-lA 
(Ans : B)

Which one of the following vitamins is necessary for blood clotting? 
(A) Vitamin A
(B) Vitamin D 
(C) Vitamin K
(D) Vitamin C 
(Ans : C)

Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the code given below the Lists–
List I (Magnet) 
A. Artificial magnet B. Permanent magnet
C. Temporary magnet D. Earth as a magnet
List II (Property) 
1. Long lived 2. Lasts for infinitely long period
3. Short lived 4. Induced magnet
(A) 3 1 4 2
(B) 3 4 1 2
(C) 2 1 4 3
(D) 2 4 1 3
Ans : (A)

52. A body weighs 5 kg on equator. At the poles it is likely to weigh–
(A) 5 kg
(B) less than 5 kg but not zero
(C) 0 kg
(D) more than 5 kg
Ans : (D)

53. The polarity of an unmarked horse shoe magnet can be determined by using–
(A) a charged glass rod
(B) a magnetic compass
(C) an electroscope
(D) another unmarked bar magnet
Ans : (B)

54. A staircase has 5 steps each 10 cm high and 10 cm wide. What is the minimum horizontal velocity to be given to the ball so that it hits directly the lowest plane from the top of the staircase? (g = 10 ms2)
(A) 2 ms-1 
(B) 1 ms-1
(C) √2 ms-1 
(D) ½ ms-1
Ans : (B)

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