Sashastra Seema Bal – SSB Recruitment 2016 – 375 Constable (GD) Vacancy Exam

#  Deficiency of which vitamin, causes xerophthelmia?
 Vitamin A 

#  Which antimicrobial drug is suitable for treatment of both tuberculosis and leprosy?

#  Insects that can transmit diseases to human are referred to as which name? 
– Vectors

#  Pneumoconiosis affects the workers who work mainly in which industry?
 Coal mining industry

#  Lathyrism is caused by excessive consumption of which thing?
 Khesari Dal

#  Which part of blood carry out the function of body defence?
 White blood cell 

#  Which disease is caused due to presence of excess arsenic in water?
 Skin Cancer 

#  What is the transmission of characters from one generation to next?

#  Who got noble prize for artificial synthesis of DNA?
 – Kornberg

#  What is the smallest part of DNA that undergoes recombination?

#  By whom was Artificial gene synthesis first done in laboratory?

#  By whom the concept of survival of the fittest as advanced?
 Herbert Spencer

#  From the evolutionary point of view, which is the most primitive animal?

#  Which was the Russian scientist who proposed the theory of origin of life? 
– Oparin

#  Who published the book ‘Origin of species by natural selection in 1859’?

#  Which is most primitive ancestor of man ?

#  Which harmful element tobacoo exists in tobacoo ?

#  What is abiotic component of ecosystem?


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