Western Coal Fields Limited – WCL Mining Sirdar/ Shot Firer & Surveyor Exam Model Question papers with answer

What was RJ Mitchell's contribution to WW2
Designed the Spitfire

In what sport are bacon hamburgers chips prunes spuds terms
Mountain Biking injury / damage

What characters first appeared in Entertaining Young Gussie
Jeeves and Wooster

Omolagnia is sexual arousal from what

Fabled creature Head Man Body Lion Tail Scorpion Pork quills

Inspecting Galvaynes Groove tells you what
Age of horse – it’s on its teeth

French German Italian 3 official languages Switzerland what 4th

Graham McPherson changed his name to what
Suggs from Madness

1910 act illegal to transport woman state line immoral purposes
Mann Act

Paris born Philippe Pages changed his name to what
Richard Clayderman

In Brainard Minnesota every man must do what by law
Grow a Beard

Richard Attenbourough what character in The Great Escape

What was superhero Green Lantern vulnerable to
Anything Yellow

What was The Liberty Bell manufactured 1900s Charles Fey
Fruit Machine

Who played Dr McCoy in the original Star Trek series

Deforest Kelly

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