West Bengal Police Recruitment 2016 – 490 Junior Constables Vacancies Exam

What is the largest moon in our solar system
Ganymede of Jupiter

What is the characteristic of an aphyllus plant
No leaves

Plantalgia is pain where
Soles of feet

In which film did we meet Baron Numpsi as the villain
Eddie Murphy's The Golden Child

What religion was Adolf Hitler
Roman Catholic

Poison oak and ivy belong to which general family
Bognor Java gets is on average 322 days annually what
Lightning strikes

Epiphany Christian feast 6th Jan translates from Greek as what

Progress through Pain was whose motto
Arnold Swartzenager

Which American city is nicknamed The Birthplace of Aviation
Dayton Ohio

Mastigophobia is the fear of what

A woman has Hisdoy syndrome what has she got
A Moustache

Who had a hit in the UK singing about the Streets of London
Ralph McTell

What does CMOS stand for in a computer
Complimentary metal Oxide semi-conductor

Prova from provolone means what

Ball shaped

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