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Vodka and orange makes up what cocktail

Who plays Data in Star Trek the Next Generation
Brent Spiner

What is the SI unit of illumination

By Law in Massachusetts what can you not do to a pigeon
Scare it

Stanley Burrell became famous as who
MC Hammer

Who created the cartoon character Droopy
Tex Avery

Who wrote The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Muriel Spark

What is the Latin name for the North Star

What is a Tragopan
A Himalayan Pheasant

What is a baby squirrel called
Kit or Kitten

Marduk was the creator of the world to what ancient people

Who said - "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation"
Henry Thoreau

What links Colorado and Wyoming
Rectangles on USA map

By law in Boston what is banned from the back seat of a car

Who wrote Three Men in a Boat

Jerome K Jerome

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