Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd (UPPCL) Model Question papers with answer

Hokusai and Hiroshige were famous Japanese what

Reverend Marcus Morris founded which UK comic in the 50s

Where would you find Queen Maud Land

Who played the doctor in the rock opera Tommy
Jack Nicholson

King George III is remembered in which children's nursery rhyme
The Grand old Duke of York

Lygophobia is the fear of what

In what country was the paperclip invented

Where could you find a 1925 hump mobile car
Back of a US $10 bill

Which is the only middle eastern county without a desert

Liquid Sunshine was the original slogan of which product
Doctor Peppers

Who nicknamed his gun Lucrettia Borgia cos it killed everything
Buffalo Bill

What was the first ABC TV series rated No 1 for full season
Marcus Welby M.D.

Name the companion of the cartoon character Secret Squirrel
Morocco Mole

Who was codenamed Napoleon by the secret service
Frank Sinatra

What is sometimes known as Goober Grease

Peanut Butter

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