Uttar Pradesh Police Computer Operator Exam GK Model Question papers with answer

All commercially bred turkeys are what
Artificially Inseminated – males oversized

Wimpy was the working title of what classic movie

The longest section American slang dictionary what subject

Climbing boys were banned what did sweeps drop down chimneys
Live Chickens

What was the Bikini originally called
The Atom

In Huston Texas they do it most 4.6 times per week - what
Eat Out

What magazine has the largest unpaid circulation in the US
Disney Channel Magazine

More than 100 women make a living from impersonating who
Marilyn Monroe

In Omaha Nebraska its illegal for a barber to shave what
A mans chest

Ancient Chinese thought what fruit a symbol long life immortality

Fried Chicken Strawberry Shortcake trad Xmas eve meal where

Calgary University offers a two day course in what
Igloo Building

Cleopatra sometimes wore a fake what
Beard – for Official Duties

in 1980 the Yellow Pages listed a Funeral Home under what
Frozen Food

Most Jell-o contains crushed what


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