SBI 2016 Exam – Acquisition Relationship Managers, Relationship Managers & Various Vacancies Exam

What word is derived from the Arabic mawsim meaning season

What's the other name for the statue of Egyptian god Harmachis
The Sphinx

The French call it nature morte the Spanish bodegon what is it
Still Life painting

Oporto in Portugal stands on what river
The Duoro

What boxer was nicknamed The Boston Strong Boy
John L Sullivan

Stage role, written for a man, took 80 years to be played by one
Peter Pan RSC 1982

Sicily is the traditional source of which element
Name the main horse in Animal Farm

Strabismus is the correct name for what condition
A Squint

What languages appear on the Rosetta stone
Egyptian Greek

Who used the pseudonym Ellis Bell
Emily Bronte

Where were the first glass mirrors made in Europe circa 1300

Who went to school at Hogwarts
Harry Potter

What was Pierce Brosnan's first James Bond film in 1995

What sports name translates as Little Game of War


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