Rural Development Department – Government of Tripura Recruitment 2016 – 156 Lower Division Clerk & Work Assistant Vacancies Exam

The clusec is the unit measuring the power of what
Vacuum pumps

Three what appear on the Connecticut state flag
Grape Vines

What do the Germans now celebrate on October 3rd
Unity day

When are you most likely to see a penumbra
During an Eclipse

Storm Warning the only film in which this Actress killed who
Doris Day

In which sport would they use the term crotch ball
Handball - ball hitting floor ceiling

What was Disney's first non animated live action film
Treasure Island

Zaire diverted roads to avoid disturbing communities of what

Who invented the word pandemonium
John Milton – capitol of hell

Who is the Greek equivalent of the Roman Jupiter
Zeus - chief God

Who or what was introduced to the USA in 1964
G I Joe

Augusto Pinochet was the ruler of which country

Giovidi is what day in Italian

Hank Ballard and the Midnights first released what in 1960
The Twist

In church terms what are saucers


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