NRHM UP Recruitment 2016 – 620 Data cum Account Assistant, Data Operator cum Program Assistant & Various Vacancies Exam

In which sport would they use the term straight handle
Curling - stone sent no curve

What was the first creature put on the endangered species list
Peregrine Falcon

In what TV series did we meet Perry Masonry
Flintstones lawyer never lost case

Ellen Marrenner became more famous as who
Susan Hayward

What was Hitchcock's first film in colour

Whose favourite poodle was called Rufus
Winston Churchill

What scene is included for good luck in most of Spielberg films
A Shooting star
Beatles were 1st UK group on Ed Sullivan who was second
The Searchers

Who were originally The Sons of Daniel Boone
The Boy Scouts of America

Who was the first golfer to officially earn over $1 million a year
Curtis Strange

Mary Surratt what the first woman to do what in US
Be Hanged

Whose normal heartbeat is 242 per minute
Mr Spock in Star Trek

In 1969 who formed tangerine records
Ray Charles

February 21st 1878 the first what was published in New Haven
Telephone Directory

Yoon-Mi Kim Olympic gold aged 13 years 83 days what sport

Short track speedskating

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