Meghalaya Police Exam GK Model Question papers with answer

Where is John Frost bridge shown on A Bridge too Far
Arnham - it was renamed after him

Butterfly Falcon Fun Glen Lark Penguin If Topper types of what
Yacht Dingy Classes

What's the Australian slang name female man trainee sheep farm

In South Dakota its illegal to show movies that picture what
Police getting beaten

What area of London did Jack the Ripper frequent

Michael Henchard better known as what eponymous literary hero
The Mayor of Castorbridge T Hardy

What word can go before Work Yard Laying Bat to make others

What was the name of Roy Rogers dog (now stuffed)

What authors (unused) final two names are Bower Yin
Leslie Charteris

Albanian money and a grouse's mating display same word what

In what 1998 did film David Bowie play Pontius Pilot
Last Temptation of Christ

What is the Ikurrina
Basque Flag

German mapmaker Martin Waldseemuller named what
America – after Amerigo Vespucci

What word for a cigar type is also Italian for a small loaf

What is the name of the Australian Film Institute Award

Longford –(Raymond)

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