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What is the most common breeding bird in the US
Red Winged Blackbird

Public Speaking is the most common fear what's the second

Over 28 million Americans are what
Hearing Impaired

In Oklahoma it is illegal to bite some else's what

In Israel what unexpected item is certified Kosher
Postage Stamps

What was shown over parliament on a Canadian 2 dollar bill
An American Flag

What links the Cassowary Kakapo and the Kagu
Flightless Birds

On the TV show Frazier what was the dads dogs name

Between October and March what is illegal in Indiana
Taking Baths

Sylvester and Tweety Pie - Cat Bird started out as what
Clown and Baby

Potatoes were fist sold as what
Ornamental Plants

What is Dennis the Menace's last name

Ancient China Treason Robbery Adultery what punishment

It is illegal to sell what in Lehigh New England
Doughnut Holes

What does the Australian slang word Hooroo mean

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