Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC) Exam Model Question papers with answer

We know what a veto is but what does it literally mean
I forbid

Atahualpa was the last ruler of who

In the body luteinizing hormone is produced by what gland

What is used in a tempera painting
Egg yoke and water

In the Sikh religion what is kesh
Uncut hair or beard

What was Vivaldi's profession apart from composing

C T Russell founded what organisation
Jehovah's Witnesses

Which spice gives curry its colour

Pidgin English started because of trade between UK and where

In the international code of signals what does Oscar signify
Man overboard

If you had canitis what have you got
Grey hair

Name the Beatles first LP released in 1963
Please-please me

In which country is Penina golf course

Which artery supplies the kidneys with blood
The renal

Which two colours are on a semaphore flag

Red Yellow

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