Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Jammu – KVS Jammu Recruitment 2016 – 431 PRT, TGT & PGT Vacancies Exam

What was the name of the skunk in Bambi

What do toads do before mating

What country is the worlds oldest functioning democracy

In Miami it is illegal for men to be seen in public wearing what
Any strapless gown

What President appears on the US $100000 bill
Woodrow Wilson

80% of the worlds population wears shoes made in what country

A study in shades of grey in the name of what picture
Whistlers Mother

What is the worlds oldest snack food - 610 AD
The Pretzel
In Fargo North Dakota you can be jailed for dancing with what
Your Hat on

In 1839 what innovation was added to bicycles

Who was Time Magazines first man of the year (1927)
Charles Lindbergh

Who lived at 1431 North Beachwood
The Monkeys

What is the most eaten food in the US
Milk and Cream

Until 1998 by law The QE hotel must do what if you rent a room
Feed your horse freely

Tamarack Idaho can't buy what after dark without sheriff permit


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