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Which actor used to sweep out lions cages for a living
Sylvester Stallone

The average American does it 1811 times in their life - what
Eat at MacDonald's

Who was the first computer millionaire
Herman Hollerith

Tasseomancy is fortune telling using what
Tea Leaves

In UK whose private house has its own court and 11 prison cells
Lord Mayor London Mansion House

The buffalo weaver is the only bird to develop a false what
Penis to flash for mates

In what famous US building would you find Broadway
Alcatraz - main prison block

Whose memoirs were called There and back again
Bilbo Baggins The Hobbit

Which dish gets its name from the French meaning to stir

Where would you find the stuffing box and sucking rod
Oil Well Pump

Pidge appeared in which Disney film
Lady and Tramp pet name Lady

The average size of what is a grain of sand

There are 20 days in the week in whose calendar

A young dogs a pup what's the correct name for a young skunk
A kit or kitten

Okamoto in Japan is the worlds largest maker of what


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