Indian Army SSC Officers (AFMS) Exam GK Model Question papers with answer

What colour are the Amazon river dolphins

What pop group said "Were only in it for the volume"
Black Sabbath

Phonetically spelled out what does Esso mean in Japan
Stalled Car

If you had aprosexia what would be impaired or reduced
Ability to study

90% of New York cabbies are what
New immigrants

In Massachusetts it is illegal to deliver what on Sundays
Diapers - Nappies

Name the first mailman in Philadelphia
Benjamin Franklin

US school buses are Chrome Yellow but they used to be what
Omaha Orange

Harold Edgerton has taken all the worlds photos of what
US nuclear bomb explosions

15% of American males are what - so are bulls
Colour Blind

Seattle Rome Edinburgh Sheffield what links them
Built on seven hills

There are over 800 brands of what for sale in the USA
Bottled Water

In what country do they answer the phone by saying I'm listening

Who captured the first confederate flag in the US civil war
George Armstrong Custer

Bourbon Miss restaurant by law what must be served with water

One Small onion per glass

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