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St Boniface is the Saint of what

Frass is the correct word for what
Insect faces - bug shit

What is the fastest growing religion in Ireland

One person in Texas is killed annually doing what
Painting road lines

Bob Dylan said you should never trust anyone what?
Over 30

Rocket USA is going to produce a wind up doll what figure 2002
Homer Simpson

What body of water separates Australia and Papua New Guinea
Torres Strait

George Washington Thomas Jefferson Sam Adams all did what
Brewed own beer

In California more what are raised than in any other state

Hebrew comes from a Babylonian word meaning what

Ejaculation comes from the Latin meaning what
Throwing Out

A cat is feline but what's leporine

In some religions mistletoe represents God's what
Testicles - balls to you

Patricia McCormick became USA first what January 20th 1957
Bullfighter Ciudad Juarez Mexico

1894 Orville Gibson started worlds oldest company make what

Electric Guitars

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