Hindustan Aeronautics Limited – HAL Recruitment 2016 – 264 Trades Apprentices Vacancies Exam

Saint Augustine first argued for what
Missionary position only in sex

What original story begins Aladdin was a little Chinese boy
1001 Arabian Nights

In the Vietnam war what was the signal US to evacuate Saigon
Bing Crosby White Xmas on Radio

Games Slater invented what

The group Simply Red were named after what
Man Utd football club

Virginia Patterson Hensley became more famous as who
Patsy Cline

Which worlds city is known as The Golden City
Prague Czech

The earliest paper written in Latin is a woman's writing what is it
Invitation to a party

Every year there's a ton of it for every person in the world - what
Cement poured

Thomas Jefferson's home has a hidden what? illegal in his time
Billiard Table in Virginia

Which country contains every type of climate in the world
New Zealand

All soldiers of every country do it - do what
Salute with right hand

The Soviet Sukhoi-34 fighter was the worlds first with what
A Toilet in it

The are six sides on a standard one - a standard what

Westminster Abbey is dedicated to who

Saint Peter

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