Himachal Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Board – HPSSSB Recruitment 2016 – 696 Ayurvedic Pharmacist, Staff Nurse & Various Vacancies Exam

What does anti pasta literally mean
Before the meal

Fire bellied Spadefoot and Midwife are all types of what

In the man from UNCLE what does UNCLE stand for
Utd. Net. Com. Law Enforcement

What is also known as liberty cabbage

Who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee

What 1979 film won the Oscar for best visual effects

Which element is extracted from the ore Scheelite

Where could you spend a Metical - capital Maputo

Which country consumes the most wine per capita 16.7 gal per

And what the least - two tablespoons per person

In Oct 1992 Bernard Lavery of Wales grew an 18lb 3oz what
Brussels Sprout

Name the most downloaded cyberpet over 14 million
MOPy fish screensaver

How may Oscars did Richard Burton win
None – Seven Nomination

In the Mohs scale of hardness what comes in at number eight

A Pascal is the SI unit of what


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