Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board – HPSEB Junior T Mate & Junior Helper (Sub- Station) Vacancy Exam

19-19-19 who's vital statistics
Olive Oyl

Name both families in Soap
Tates Campbells

Where would you find a gemshorn
On an Organ

The flower convallaria is better known as what
Lily of the Valley

In what stage show does Frank N Furter appear
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Who invented the rocking chair
Benjamin Franklin
Gerald Thomas directed what series of films
Carry on Films

What did composer Berlioz originally study

Ocean is NOT recognised International Hydrographic Bureau
Antarctic Ocean

In the Saint series of books what is Inspector Teal's full name
Claude Eustace Teal

What is the most common Spanish surname

The Slave of Duty is alternate title what G&S operetta
Pirates of Penzance

Aconite the poison is obtained from what plant

What culture introduced hats and crackers at Xmas season
Ancient Rome

Chang 1st Wang 2nd what third most common Chinese name


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