Haryana School Shiksha Pariyojna Parishad – HSSPP Computer Instructor & Junior Computer Instructor Vacancies Exam

Who directed the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia
David Lean

In mythology Romulus Remus suckled by a shewolf fed by what

In Gustav Holsts Planets suite what planet is missing
Pluto not known then

If you went on the road to Mandalay what country are you in
Miramar or Burma

Which cathedral has 4440 statues

Tarom Airlines is the national carrier of which country

What does an armadillo taste like

In what French district do most of the best clarets come from

What was the first complete symphony to be recorded
Beethoven's fifth

Thomas Minton at Stoke on Trent created what in 1789
The Willow Pattern

What European nation was the first to drink tea
The Dutch

What's the worlds longest rail journey made no train change
Moscow Peking

What was first built in the Place de Greve in 1792
The Guillotine

In what book does Humpty Dumpty first appear
Through the looking Glass

Who was called The Man of Destiny

Napoleon Bonaparte

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