Gujarat Postal Circle - Postman & Mail Guard Exam Model Question papers with answer

What 1969 film last line Clint Eastwood "I fall off em everywhere"
Where Eagles Dare

What game Johnny Archer Chang Feng-Pang been world champs
Nine Ball Pool

Who was the first Englishman to die in an aircrash
Charles Rolls

Moriaphillia is sexual arousal from what
Telling dirty jokes

The Wadomo tribe in Zimbabwe have what physical oddity
Two toes each foot

Long Legged Hannah and Marty's Express what pastime involved
Line Dancing

In WW2 what came between Sword and Gold
Juno - D Day Beaches

Benjamin Briggs captained what mystery ship
Marie Celeste
John Lowe Oct 1984 got £102000 first to do what on TV
Nine dart 501 game

What was invented 1970 US Dr Buddy Lapidus marketed 1975
Odour Eaters

Marilyn Louis born 1922 changed her name to what star of 40s
Rhonda Fleming

In Guernee Illinois women over 200lb are banned from what
Riding Horses wearing shorts

A menial working class in Old Japan and Greek letter what word

Phil Collins played what character on the London stage 1960s
Artful Dodger

On the Omen series Damien was the devil - what second name


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