Central Coalfields Limited – CCL Recruitment 2016 – 878 Junior Overman, Mining Sirdar, Deputy Surveyor, Assistant Foreman (Electrical) & Electrician/ Technician Vacancy Exam

Who was the first UK royal interviewed on television
Prince Philip

In Ren and Stimpy what sort of dog is Ren

Thurle Sandstorm first world champion in 1923 at what sport
Ten Pin Bowling

What was the name of James Bonds housekeeper

Released in 1908 what was the first ever horror film
Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde

The word opera is a plural of opus meaning what
Grand Work

Fatima is a Christian shrine pilgrimage place in which country

In which country would you find Lake Disappointment

What is measured in grains - four grains to a carat

In Algeria what is rai
A form of music

Swansons introduced them in 1953 - what
TV Dinners

Which city was superman born in

Which actress was the Connecticut state golf champ at age 16
Katherine Hepburn

Manticore was a mythical beast head of a man body of what
A Lion

Charles Bronson got acting job because he did what on demand

Belch or Burp

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