Bihar State Cooperative Bank Exam GK Model Question papers with answer

Who appeared as the infant Moses 1956 film 10 commandments
Frazer Heston – Charlton's son

Butterfly Chisel Lead Pipe Mallet Occult Willow all types of what
Bone Fracture

Name the dance that means new voice in Portuguese
Bossa Nova

In West Virginia Nicholas County its illegal to do what in pulpit
Tell Jokes

If you had Psygophillia what would arouse you
Contact with buttocks

Elmo Lincoln was the screens first what 1918

Who would use or what are Tittums
Bellringers changes

Gus Wickie Pinto Colvig William Pennell Jackson Beck - Link
Bluto in Popeye

If you were drinking Red Stripe lager what country are you in

What masked hero first appeared 1919 The Curse of Capistrano

Who had a hit no 5 in US 1971 with Bridge over Troubled Water
Aretha Franklin

Margaret Hookham changed her name famed as who
Dame Margot Fonteyn

Reuben James was the first what 31 Oct 1941
US warship sunk by submarine in WW2

What minty confection is a boys name - in reverse
Trebor mints - Robert

In The Italian Job Noel Coward played what character in prison

Mr Bridger

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