Bihar State Co-operative Bank Limited Recruitment 2016 – 441 Multipurpose Assistant Vacancies Exam

Saint Lidwina is the Patron Saint of who

Who would use a caret
Printer it’s an insertion mark

Who was the first woman to win 4 consecutive US tennis open
Chris Evert Lloyd

What is the lowest title handed down from father to son

What is Britain's largest carnivorous animal

How many women know the formula of Coca Cola
None - not allowed

Schubert's fourth symphony is nicknamed the what

What are Portland Vases made from

Where could you have a kip - then spend it
Laos its currency

What is a corduroy road made from
Logs laid down on swampy ground

In 18th century England what was known as
Old Tom Gin

In Goldfinger name the actress painted gold
Shirley Eaton

In 1949 what was introduced to cars for the first time
The Ignition key

Who was the father of Alexander the Great
Philip II of Macedon

The Italian Chianina is recognises as being the oldest what

Breed of Cattle

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