Bihar State Co-operative Bank Limited - Multipurpose Assistant Posts Exam Model Question papers with answer

Ignoring obvious what links Jupiter Neptune Uranus and Saturn
All have Rings

Two most commonly sold items in stores are sodas and what
Breakfast Cereals

Your eyeballs are 3.5% what

Rafflesia flowers smell like what to attract pollinators
Rotting Meat

Where would you find an ideo locator
Map - You are here arrow

Why did Ghengis Khans soldier ride female horses
To drink their milk

G Roddenbery Star Trek 2 radical ideas Spock's Ears and what
Woman second in Command

What country had three presidents - in the same day
In England it is specifically illegal to be drunk where
In a pub

What mammal has hair - on the soles of its feet
Polar Bear

Harvard University was originally called what
Cambridge Harvard gave 400 books

There are 300 distinct different types of what food

The are 16 of these on a dollar bill - 16 what
Number One

What is the coldest capital city in the world
Ulan Bator Mongolia

Janette Rankin in 1917 first to do what

Woman elected to Congress

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