Bank Of Baroda – BOB Recruitment 2016 – 250 Specialist Officers Vacancies Exam

Apis Mnevis Onuphis 3 names for the sacred what of Egypt

It costs $30 a day in Austria to do this nude in winter - what
Cross country skiing

On TV what team worked out of Iolani Palace
Hawaii 5 0

Escaping convicts used to drop what to throw dogs off the scent
Red Herrings

What first name has been used by most presidents
The word cruise comes from which language
Dutch Kruisen

In a survey US ERs what is the most commonly broken bone
Clavicle or Collar Bone

In computing who are floppy and mootilda
Gateways cows

In the US money is still top marital argument what is second
What to watch on TV

In Japan they sell a last climax - what is it
Brand of tissues

In US only 8 % of women do it - but it changes their lives - what
Propose marriage to boyfriend

The Swiss spend the worlds most money per capita on what

Arthur Paul designed which icon - appears on a magazine
Playboy bunny

The Jewish prayer for the dead Kaddish is in what language
Written Hebrew but in Aramaic

What is the name of Doctor Claws pet in Inspector Gadget


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