Administration of Daman and Diu – Police Department Recruitment 2016 – 10 Police Sub-Inspector (Male) Vacancy Exam

Where were Panama hats first made

What does a kymograph measure

Name the dark lord in Lord of the Rings

What is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet

Schschpiel is what game in Germany

The Greek Goddess Ephesus is the Goddess of what

Theophilus Van Kannal invented what in 1888 in Philadelphia
Revolving Door

Which actor appeared in drag in two Marlene Dietrich films
John Wayne

Who was the first rock band to perform at NY Opera house
The Who

What was the name of the cab company in Taxi
Sunshine cabs

In which sport would you hear the term Intente
Jai Alai – Players Manager

In which county would you find Fuqing
A port in Taiwan

In a survey 4% of US employees never do what at work

Which sitcom was set in Dunns River Connecticut

Fred Silverman invented the name Scooby Do named after who

Frank Sinatra

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