West Bengal WBHRB Exam Model Question papers with answer

What countries presidents Yusof Bin Ishak and Wee Kim Wee

What city in the USA means First People in Indian

The first cartoon character on the Beano was Eggo what was he

In Newark its illegal to sell what after 6pm unless Drs note shown
Ice Cream

Klysmophillia is arousal from what

What independent states name has 10 letters only one vowel

Florence Nightingale Graham better known as who
Elizabeth Arden
Crown - Ring - Shank - Stock - Fluke parts of what

Andrew John Woodhouse in fiction was who - Ira Levin novel
Rosemary's Baby

What pop group saw their first 5 singles enter UK charts at No 1

In 1949 the Thought Police first appeared in what novel
1984 George Orwell

Photographic inventor suicided 1932 said my work is done why wait
George Eastman Kodak Brownie

Who was born at Daisy Hill Puppy Farm
Snoopy – Peanuts

In Portacello Idaho concealed weapons are illegal unless what
They are openly displayed

Operation Market Garden WW2 involved the invasion of where


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