Uttarakhand Police for 1000 Posts Exam Model Question papers with answer

In what country are the ports Oran and Bone

St Luke followed what profession before joining Jesus

I will please is the Latin translation of what medical treatment

What mountain - Greeks believe was the home of the Muses

Who was Led Zeppelins original lead singer
Robert Plant

Beverly Hillbillies Bank managers secretary - full name
Jane Hathaway

Nick Nolte played the Poor Man who played the Rich Man
Peter Strauss

The character Lieutenant Pinkerton appears in what work
Madam Butterfly

Which metallic element atomic no 83 soothes Gastric Ulcers

By Law In Washington it is illegal to do what
Ride an ugly Horse

In what city is the worlds largest medieval cathedral

Who was the Roman Goddess of peace

In wacky races what were the gang of criminals called
The Ant Hill Mob

I get around was a hit for which group
Beach Boys

Inspector Bucket appears in which Dickens novel

Bleak House