Maharashtra Police Recruitment 2016 – 392 Police Patil Vacancies Exam Model Question papers with answer PDF Download

What was Hugh Hefner's jet plane called
Big Bunny

What profession did Handel originally study
The Law

What European nation was the first to drink tea
The Dutch

Beaufort - the wind scale man - had what job
Sailor (Admiral)

What bird is the symbol of Penguin books (children's section)

Diane Leather was the first woman to do what
Sub 5 minute mile

What is Admiral Sir Miles Messervy usually known as
M (Bond films)

Which part of the body is most sensitive to radiation
The Blood

What film made 58 times - cartoon, porrno, operatic, ballet

Mr Chips said goodbye from Brookfield school - What subject

In which American city can you get doctorate in hambugerology
Hamburger College –Chicago

Which author created The Saint (both names)
Leslie Charteris

What is sericulture
Growing Silkworms

What was Edison’s first practical invention
Tick a Tape for stockmarket

Frigophobia fear of what
Being Cold

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