Allahabad University Recruitment 2016 – 290 Assistant Professor, Associate Professor & Professor Exam Model Question papers with answer PDF Download

Which company invented the transistor radio in 1952

Who is the only solo performer to win Euro song twice
Johnny Logan 1980 –1987

Franz Liszt was the farther in law of what composer
Richard Wagner

In what town was Leonardo Da Vinci born

Who directed the Halloween series of films
John Carpenter

What metal impurity makes rubies red and emeralds green

Helen Mitchell became famous as what soprano
Nellie Melba

Robert Whithead invented what weapon in 1866

Zymase and Glucose combine to form what drug

Translated literally what does television mean
Far Seeing

Not as soups what have gazpacho - vichyssoise in common
Served Cold

Who was the Greek goddess of retribution

47 people worked on a committee to produce what work
Authorised version ofBible

What book was made into the first feature length British cartoon
Animal Farm in 1954

Who first said "Publish and be Damned"
Wellington re Harriot Wilson mistress

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