Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) Exam Model Question papers with answer PDF Download

Where was Bob Dylan born
Duluth Minnesota

In the 18th century what would a pencil be

Agrippa poisoned her husband/uncle who was he

Who was the mother of Castor and Pollux
Helen of Troy

What are the snaffle Pelham and Weymouth
Horse bits

Walter Koenig played which part in the Star Trek series
Ensign Chekov

Who had a hit with Devil Woman
Cliff Richard

What were the first false teeth made from

The jealous Athena turned who into a spider

What was the first Carry On film
Carry on Sergeant

Who was the female lead in The Shootist
Lauren Bacall

What is a dzo
Cow Yak cross

Hypermetropic people are what
Long Sighted

Which leader lives in the Potola
Dalai Lama

What wood was the cross supposed to be made of

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