SSC Stenographers Grade C & D Solved Question Papers

General Awareness Solved Paper

1. The present monetary system in India is managed by–
(A) Nationalised Banks (B) The State Bank of India
(C) The Central Finance Ministry (D) The Reserve Bank of India (Ans : D)

2. What is a Multinational Company?
(A) A joint venture among more than two countries
(B) A company set up with foreign capital
(C) A company having operations in many countries.
(D) A company holding a monopoly over the sale of a certain commodity in several countries. (Ans : C)

3. Explicit + Implicit Costs =
(A) Private Costs (B) Accounting Costs (C) Economic Costs (D) Social Costs (Ans : C)

4. Which of the following is not relevant to Human Resource Development ?
(A) Education (B) Women and Child Development
(C) Caste System (D) Youth Affairs and Sports (Ans : C)

5. A Trade Cycle consists of–
(A) Three Phases (B) Four Phases (C) Five Phases (D) Six Phases (Ans : B)

6. The Khilafat Movement was organised to protest against–
(A) religious interference by the British (B) Russian Revolution
(C) dismemberment of Turkey (D) suppression of Pathans (Ans : C)

7. Planning Commission was established in the year–
(A) 1980 (B) 1970 (C) 1950 (D) 1960 (Ans : C)

8. India witnessed single party domination till–
(A) 1962 (B) 1967 (C) 1971 (D) 1977 (Ans : B)

9. Which part of the Constitution of India has been described as the soul of the Constitution ?
(A) Fundamental Rights (B) Directive Principles of State Policy
(C) Preamble (D) Panchayats (Ans : C)

10. Constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution on–
(A) 15th August 1947 (B) 26th November 1949
(C) 26th January 1950 (D) 30th January 1948 (Ans : B)

11. The rustless Iron Pillar at Mehrauli (Delhi) was erected by the–
(A) Mauryas (B) Kushans (C) Guptas (D) Satavahanas (Ans : C)

12. The famous ‘Gayatri Mantra’ has been taken from–
(A) Rigveda (B) Samaveda (C) Yajurveda (D) Atharvaveda (Ans : A)

13. The Rajput King who was defeated by Babur in the battle of Khanwa was–
(A) Udai Singh (B) Rana Pratap Singh (C) Rana Sanga (D) Rudra Deva (Ans : C)

14. Who was the founder of the Ramakrishna Mission ?
(A) Sri Ramakrishna (B) Swami Shraddhananda
(C) Keshab Chandra (D) Swami Vivekananda (Ans : D)

15. Who led the Mutiny at Kanpur ?
(A) Begum Hazrat Mahal (B) Nana Sahib
(C) Tantia Tope (D) Rani Laxmibai (Ans : B)

16. Which ‘Water Body’ separates Andaman and Nicobar Islands ?
(A) Andaman Sea (B) Bay of Bengal
(C) Ten Degree Channel (D) Eleventh Degree Channel (Ans : C)

17. State Highways are maintained by–
(A) Individual States (B) Central Government
(C) Central and State Governments jointly (D) Private parties selected by the State Governments
(Ans : A)

18. The first port developed after Independence was–
(A) Nhava Sheva (B) Kandla
(C) New Mangalore (D) Mumbai
(Ans : B)

19. The neighbouring country of India which has the smallest area is–
(A) Sri Lanka (B) Bangladesh
(C) Bhutan (D) Nepal
(Ans : C)

20. Kaziranga Wild Life Sanctuary is in the State of–
(A) Bihar (B) Tamil Nadu (C) Assam (D) Kerala (Ans : C)

21. Resin is extracted from–
(A) Papaya (B) Pine (C) Rubber (D) Banyan (Ans : B)

22. A common plant found in tropical rainforest is–
(A) Pine (B) Eucalyptus (C) Orchid (D) Fir (Ans : C)

23. Which of the following vitamins is necessary for clotting of blood ?
(A) K (B) C (C) A (D) B (Ans : A)

24. Influenza virus contains–
(A) RNA only (B) DNA only
(C) Both RNA and DNA in equal proportion. (D) DNA with very small proportion of RNA.
(Ans : A)

25. Lung fish is a link between–
(A) Amphibia and Birds (B) Reptiles and Birds
(C) Amphibia and Reptiles (D) Reptiles and Mammals (Ans : C)

26. Green gland is the excretory organ of–
(A) Earthworm (B) Cockroach (C) Prawn (D) House-fly (Ans : C)

27. When pressure is increased, the boiling point of water–
(A) decreases (B) increases (C) remains the same (D) depends on the volume of vapour formed
(Ans : B)

28. In the treatment of skin disease the radio isotope used is–
(A) Radio phosphorous (B) Radio iodine (C) Radio lead (D) Radio cobalt
(Ans : A)

29. Rainbow has: (Choose incorrect statement)–
(A) red light as its outer-most colour towards sky
(B) red light as its inner-most colour towards earth
(C) violet light as its inner-most colour towards earth
(D) its curvature bent towards earth (Ans : B)

30. A cyclist in circular motion should lean–
(A) Forward (B) Backward (C) Sideways towards the centre (D) Sideway away from the centre
(Ans : C)

31. The monitor of a computer is–
(A) an input device (B) an output device (C) a storage device (D) a processing device (Ans : B)

32. ……….. is a collection of wires through which data is transmitted from one part of a computer to another part–
(A) Port (B) Channel (C) Bus (D) Add on card (Ans : C)

33. Amalgam is an alloy in which the base metal is–
(A) Copper (B) Zinc (C) Aluminium (D) Mercury (Ans : D)

34. The physical method commonly used to purify sea water is–
(A) Evaporation (B) Sedimentation (C) Filtration (D) Distillation (Ans : A)

35. The chemical name of ‘oil of vitriol’ is–
(A) Phosphoric acid (B) Nitric acid (C) Sulphuric acid (D) Hydrochloric acid (Ans : C)

36. Cathode rays are–
(A) Electromagnetic waves (B) Radiations
(C) Stream of α-particles (D) Stream of electrons (Ans : D)

37. The National Park ‘Valley of Flowers’ lies in the State of–
(A) Kerala (B) Himachal Pradesh (C) Uttarakhand (D) Jammu and Kashmir (Ans : C)

38. Bhopal Gas Tragedy was caused by–
(A) Nitrogen (B) Oxygen (C) Methyl isocyanite (D) Cyanide (Ans : C)

39. The example of a secondary pollutant is–
(A) CFC (Chloro fluoro carbon) (B) PAN (peroxy acetyl nitrate)
(C) CH4 (Methane) (D) Cl2 (Chlorine) (Ans : B)

40. In big cities, air pollution is mainly due to–
(A) burning of fossil fuel (B) thermal power plant (C) sewage (D) suspended particles (Ans : A)

41. The term ‘Let’ is associated with–
(A) Badminton (B) Chess (C) Hockey (D) Football (Ans : A)

42. The oral polio vaccine was discovered by–
(A) Alexander Flemming (B) Jonas Salk (C) Edmond Fischer (D) Joseph E. Murray (Ans : B)

43. Who among the following Nobel Laureates for their relentless struggle for peace, was awarded 2010 Nobel Prize?
(A) Barack H. Obama (B) Liu Xiaobo (C) Martti Ahtisaari (D) Shirin Ebadi (Ans : B)

44. The Umiam Hydel Project dam is located a few kilometres north of–
(A) Guwahati (B) Shillong (C) Kohima (D) Imphal (Ans : B)

45. The expenses of the Government of India are the highest on account of subsidy on–
(A) Fertilisers(B) Oil (C) LPG (D) Food (Ans : D)

46. In accordance with the directions of RBI, banking facilities are required to be provided at all places having population of more than 2000 by the end of–
(A) March 2015 (B) March 2014 (C) March 2013 (D) March 2012 (Ans : C)

47. Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC), an autonomous self-governing body, was created within the State of–
(A) Nagaland (B) Meghalaya (C) Assam (D) Mizoram (Ans : C)

48. ‘Simla Pact’ between India and Pakistan was signed in the year–
(A) 1965 (B) 1971 (C) 1972 (D) 2001 (Ans : C)

49. In which of the following States are Garo and Khasi tribes found ?
(A) Arunachal Pradesh (B) Nagaland (C) Meghalaya (D) Mizoram (Ans : C)

50. Manipur has common boundaries with the group of States of–
(A) Nagaland, Assam and Mizoram (B) Nagaland, Meghalaya and Tripura
(C) Meghalaya, Mizorarn and Tripura (D) Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya (Ans : A) - See more at:

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