Synonyms Questions and Answers Asked in Previous Exam

Directions : In each of the following question, out of the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

(a) Self-denial (b) Self-sacrifice (c) Self-praise (d) Self-criticism (Ans : a)

2. FALSE [Clerks’ Grade Exam]
(a) Defective (b) Untrue (c) Incorrect (d) Inaccurate (Ans : b)

3. MYSTIQE [Railway Exam]
(a) Fame (b) Reputation (c) Admirable quality (d) Popularity (Ans : c)

4. ABSOLUTE [M.B.A. Exam]
(a) Reasonable (b) Narrow (c) Limitless (d) Reliable (Ans : c)

5. ACCENTUATED [Bank P.O. Exam]
(a) Projected (b) Exhibited (c) Sharpened (d) Mitigated (Ans : c)

6. BENEVOLENT [I. Tax. Exam]
(a) Charitable (b) Sympathetic (c) Liberal (d) Beneficial (Ans : a)

7. EMPHASISE [Asstt. Grade 1995]
(a) Suggest (b) Plead (c) Stress (d) Force (Ans : c)

8. ENTHUSIASTIC [Central Excise Exam]
(a) Angry (b) Excited (c) Noisy (d) Violent (Ans : b)

9. FRAGMENT [S.B.I.P.O. Exam]
(a) Dissection (b) Cut (c) Crumble (d) Scrap (Ans : d)

10. HALLOWED [Assistant Grade Exam]
(a) Decayed (b) Sacred (c) Historical (d) Ancient (Ans : b)

11. MINIMUM [Clerks’ Grade Exam]
(a) Little (b) Lowest (c) Minimal (d) Meagre (Ans : c)

12. MELEE [Hotel Management, Exam]
(a) Primitive dance (b) Kindness (c) Simple song (d) Brawl (Ans : d)

13. OVERSEE [B.S.R.B. Exam]
(a) Supervise (b) Glance (c) Contest (d) Look (Ans : a)

14. PRISTINE [B.Ed. Exam]
(a) Traditional (b) Expensive (c) Original (d) Meritorious (Ans : c)

15. PROMULGATE [I. Tax. Exam]
(a) Proclaim (b) Inform (c) Promote (d) Enforce (Ans : a)

(a) Grant (b) Interchange (c) Receive (d) Deliver (Ans : b)

(a) Mucterious (b) Abstract (c) Secretive (d) Secret (Ans : d)

18. SYCOPHANT [U.D.C. Exam]
(a) Suppliant (b) Follower (c) Flatterer (d) Admirer (Ans : c)

19. TEDIOUS [SSC Exam]
(a) Tiresome (b) Painful (c) Troublesome (d) Lengthy (Ans : a)

20. VENOM [Asstt. Grade Exam]
(a) Antidote (b) Remedy (c) Poison (d) Degrade (Ans : c)

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