One Word Substitution Questions Asked in Previous Exams

Directions : In each of the following question, choose the most suitable “One word” for the given expressions.

1. A Short walk for pleasure or exercise [I. Tax. Exam]
(a) Jog (b) Stroll (c) Gallop (d) Promenade (Ans : b)

2. Seat on elephant’s back [Central Excise. Exam]
(a) Saddle (b) Howdah (c) Lounge (d) Hoof (Ans : b)

3. A sea abounding in islands [C.B.I. Exam]
(a) Strait (b) Archipelago (c) Ocean (d) Gulf (Ans : b)

4. Member of a band of robbers [B.Ed. Exam]
(a) Dacoit (b) Brigand (c) Thief (d) Pirate (Ans : b)

5. A drawing on transparent paper [I. Tax Exam]
(a) Red print (b) Blue print (c) Negative (d) Transparency (Ans : d)

6. That which makes it difficult to recognize the presence of real nature of somebody or something [C.B.I. Exam]
(a) Cover (b) Mask (c) Pretence (d) Camouflage (Ans : d)

7. Cutting for stone in the bladder [Bank P.O. Exam]
(a) Dichotomy (b) Tubectomy (c) Vasectomy (d) Lithotomy (Ans : d)

8. Of outstanding significance [Bank P.O. Exam]
(a) Meaningful (b) Ominous (c) Evident (d) Monumental (Ans : d)

9. Place where birds are kept [C.B.I. Exam]
(a) Zoo (b) Apiary (c) Armoury (d) Aviary (Ans : d)

10. A person who is skilled in horsemanship [U.D.C. Exam]
(a) Cavalier (b) Equestrian (c) Jockey (d) Cavalryman (Ans : b)

11. A word no longer in use [C.B.I. Exam]
(a) Exotic (b) Primitive (c) Obsolete (d) Ancient (Ans : c)

12. Animals living on land and in water [Bank P.O.]
(a) Ambiguous (b) Amphibian (c) Amorphous (d) Ambivalent (Ans : b)

13. One who deserts his religion [Railways, Exam]
(a) Deserter (b) Turn-coat (c) Fanatic (d) Apostate (Ans : a)

14. A post without remuneration [Central Excise, Exam]
(a) Voluntary (b) Sinecure (c) Honorary (d) Involuntary (Ans : c)

15. A field or a part of a garden where fruit trees grow [B.Ed. Exam]
(a) Park (b) Nursery (c) Yard (d) Orchard (Ans : d)

16. One who is interested in the welfare of women [RRB Exam]
(a) Feminine (b) Feminist (c) Effeminate (d) Flamboyant (Ans : b)

17. One who has suddenly gained new wealth, power or prestige [C.B.I. Exam]
(a) Aristocrat (b) Affluent (c) Maverick (d) Parvenu (Ans : d)

18. A cure for all diseases [Bank P.O. Exam]
(a) Excorcism (b) Incantation (c) Panacea (d) Antibiotic (Ans : c)

19. Man whose wife has been unfaithful to him [RRB Exam]
(a) Dandy (b) Bastard (c) Concubine (d) Cuckold (Ans : d)

20. The science of judging a person’s character, capabilities etc. from an examination of the shape of his skull [SSC Exam]
(a) Physiology (b) Anthropology (c) Phrenology (d) Morphology (Ans : c)

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