Homonyms Questions and Answers Asked in Previous Exams

Directions : In each question below are given two sentence numbered I and II. In these sentences, two homonyms are given in italics type, which may be either mis-spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentences. Read both the sentences carefully and decide on their correctness on the basis of the italicized words.

Give Answer
(a) if only sentence I is c
(b) If only sentence II is correct.
(c) if both the sentences I and II are correct.
(d) if I as well as II are incorrect, but both could be made correct by Interchanging the italicised words.
(e) if neither I nor II is correct and the sentence could not be made correct by interchanging the italicized words.

1. I. An ordnance declaring president's rule in the state has been issued today.
II. The ordinance depot is situated far way from this city. [NABARD Exam]
(Ans : d)

2. I. He is wrapt up in pleasurable contemplation.
II. I listened to her song with rapt attention.
(Ans : c)

3. I. He drank a draut of whine.
II. Crops failed due to drout. [Bank P.O. Exam]
(Ans : e)

4. I. This dress does not suit you.
II. He filed a civil suite against Mr. Arora.
(Ans : a)

5. I. This is the best stationary shop in our locality.
II. I saw a stationery van there.
(Ans : d)

6. I. Deepak did not get involved in the scandal on account of his friend’s wise councel.
II. Some of the members of the counsil walked out I protest during the session. [NABARD Exam]
(Ans : e)

7. I. Ghosts are not corporeal beings.
II. Saints care little for corporal affairs.
(Ans : a)

8. I. A painter is an artiste.
II. Raj Kapoor is a skilled artist.
(Ans : d)

9. I. Some of the African immigrants indulge in smuggling in our country.
II. Many emigrants from India have settled in America. [Bank P.O. Exam]
(Ans : a)

10. I. The tragic tale narrated by the old man affected all the children.
II. The humane attitude of the new manager effected a profound change in labour relation. [NABARD Exam]
(Ans : a)

11. I. I think this electric metre is faulty.
II. I require two meters of cloth for this purpose. [Bank P.O. Exam]
(Ans : d)

12. I. He won the election only because of the support he got from his zealous party workers.
II. Savita’s friends were jealous of her success in the prestigious competition. [NABARD Exam]
(Ans : a)

13. I. An over-doze of this medicine might be harmful for you.
II. You are not allowed to does in the class.
(Ans : d)

14. I. I loathe flattery.
II. He was loth to go with Rahul.
(Ans : c)

15. I. Despite all our efforts, success remained elusive.
II. His manners are illusive.
(Ans : a)

16. I. You should not interfere in one’s personal affairs.
II. The personal of ICS were proud of their positions during the British rule in India.
(Ans : a)

17. I. Don’t merge your hand in hot water.
II. A dolphin emerged out of the ocean.
(Ans : b)

18. I. His views are opposite to mine.
II. The speech was apposite to the occasion.
(Ans : a)

19. I. It is a knaughty problem.
II. Suresh is a naughty boy.
(Ans : b)

20. I. You should talk to your boss in a reverent manner.
II. Our reverend Principal is coming.
(Ans : e)

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