General Science GK Questions for IAS, SSC, Civil Services

1. By which impact is Nuclear fission is caused ? – Neutron
2. What is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust? – Aluminium
3. In which organ of the human body are the lymphocyte cells formed? – Spleen
4. What is the wavelength of visible spectrum? – 3900-7600 A
5. Which is used in beauty parlours for’ hair setting? – Sulphur
6. In which Photosynthesis occurs? – Chloroplast
7. What is the function of heavy water in a nuclear reactor? – Slow down the speed of neutrons
8. Which pair does not contain a coinage metal? – Zinc and Gold
9. What is the short upper part of the human intestine next to the stomach? – Duodenum
10. By whom was Electron first identified? – J. J. Thomson

11. The filament of an electric bulb is made of which metal? – Tungsten
12. Who laid the foundation of nuclear science in the country? – Homi J. Bhabha
13. Galvanised iron sheets have a coating of which metal? – Zinc
14. Healing of wounds is hastened by which vitamin? – C
15. What does Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles produce as “exhaust”? – H2O
16. Glass is made of the mixture of which things? – Sand and silicates
17. Which element is essentials for the transmission of impulses in the nerve fibre? – Calcium
18. What is the best conductor of electricity? – Salt water
19. Which is the element found on the surface of the moon? – Titanium
20. In human body, into which does the pancreas secretes its enzymes? – Duodenum
21. Which of the following is used as ‘a moderator in nuclear reactor? – Graphite
22. In vulcanisation, with which the natural rubber is heated? – Sulphur
23. To which type of organisms do mushrooms belong? – Fungi
24. Which rays are most penetrating? – y-rays
25. Which variety of glass is heat resistant? – Pyrex glass
26. Which is the richest source of ascorbic acid? – Guava
27. Which nuclides having the same number of neutrons but different number of protons or mass number? – Isotones
28. What is the average salinity of sea water? – 3.5%
29. Which technique can be used to establish the paternity of a child? – Quantitative analysis of DNA
30. How does Transfer of heat energy from the sun to the moon take place? – By radiation only
31. Which is purest form of iron? – Wrought iron
32. Why does Flower colour? – Due to anthocyanins
33. What happens to the level of mercury in the barometer tube when it is taken down a coal mine? – It rises
34. Which is the variety of coal in which the deposit contains recognisable traces of the original plant material? – Peat
35. The improper function of which results in condition ‘Myxedema’ in human beings? – Thyroid gland
36. In which transmission are sound and video signals transmitted simultaneously? – T.V. Transmission
37. Bagasse, a by-product of sugar manufacturing industry, is used for the production of which thing? – Paper
38. By which fission does Leishmania, the causative agent of kala-azar, multiply asexually? – By binary fission
39. Which is a good conductor of electricity? – Human body
40. Liquefied Petroleum Gas consists of mainly which gases? – Methane, butane and propane

41. BCG vaccination (Bacillus Calmette Guerine) is injected to get immunity from which disease? – Tuberculosis
42. How can the quantity of water vapour the atmosphere hold increases? – With increase of temperature
43. Which is a non-metal that remains liquid at room- temperature? – Bromine
44. In which type of cell divisions does crossing over of chromosomes takes place? – Meiosis
45. When an open bottle of scent is kept in a corner of the room, its odour is felt in all the corners. why does happen this? – Diffusion
46. Which form of phosphorus is used in safety matches? – Red phosphorus
47. Which ceil organelles function as the power house of a living cell ? – Mitochondria
48. The pH of water at 25°C is 7. When it is heated to 100°C, then what will be the pH of water? – Remains same
49. Salts of which element pre vide colours to fireworks? – Strontiur and barium
50. Which part of the cell is essential for protein synthesis? – Ribosomes

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