General knowledge Questions and Answers

Indian History Notes

1. In which nomad man started settling? – Neolithic Age

2. What was the name of the learned lady who is said to have debated with the famous law-giver Yajnavalkya? – Gargi

3. In which religion extreme form of Ahimsa or non-violence is practised? – Jainism

4. Which ruler was known as Amitraghata, the 'destroyer of foes' ? – Bindusara

5. Which were the contemporaries of Kanishka ? – Nagarjuna, Asvaqhosha, Vasumitra 


6. which literary figure of the Gupta Age is given the title of 'Indian Shakespeare' ? – Kalidasa

7. Which region of northern India was not included in the empire of Ala-ud-din Khalji ? – Kashmir

8. From which ruler did Humayun received the Kohinoor diamond? – The ruler of Gwalior

9. Which was the most significant battle in the establishment of British supremacy in India? – Buxar

10. In which year was Vande Mataram first sung at the session of the Indian National Congress? – 1896

Geography Notes

1. To a space traveller on moon, how does the lunar sky during day time appear? – Black

2. Which is present in the largest amount in terms of percent by mass in the earth’s crust? – Oxygen

3. Which wind in the northern hemisphere, the wind blowing from the Horse latitudes to the Doldrums? – Trade wind

4. What is the cause of Exposure of rock to the changes of temperature? – Mechanical weathering

5. Which current is produced by upwelling of water off the coast of Chile and Peru? – Humboldt 


6. West Bengal shares boundaries with how many foreign countries? – Three

7. In which State is the Guru Shikhar Peak located? – Rajasthan

8. Soil can best be conserved on the hills by which of the cultivating methods? – Contour ploughing

9. Which State has the largest number of sugar mills? – Uttar Pradesh

10. Which State of India is the largest producer of lignite coal? – Tamil Nadu

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