General knowledge Questions and Answers

Analogy Questions with Answers MCQ of reasoning are very useful in Management (CAT, MAT), IBPS (PO and Clerk), SSC, SBI, LIC and other competitive exams.

1. ‘Umpire’ is related to ‘Match’ in the same way as ‘Judge’ is related to–
(a) Court (b) Lawyer (c) Judgement (d) Law Suit

2. ‘Sports’ is related to ‘Logo’ in the same ways as ‘Nation’s is related to–
(a) Emblem (b) Animal (c) Ruler (d) Anthem

3. ‘Cube’ is related to ‘Square’ in the same way as ‘Square’ is relate to–
(a) Plane (b) Triangle (c) Line (d) Point

4. ‘Blood’ is related to ‘Vein’ in the same way as ‘Oil’ is related to–
(a) Car (b) Engine (c) Pipelines (d) Petrol

5. ‘Trap’ is to ‘Net’ as ‘Trade’ is to–
(a) Earning (b) Money (c) Profit (d) Pursuit

6. Fury : Ire
(a) Convulsion : Spasm (b) Amusement : Happiness
(c) Joke : Laugh (d) Dispassion : Emotion

7. Frankness : Blunt
(a) Rise : Awake (b) Weep : laugh (c) Sickness : Death (d) Rest : Activity

8. Straws : Nest
(a) Water : Stream (b) Animals : Zoo (c) Threads : Cloth (d) Publisher : Book

9. Grief : Tears
(a) Tension : Blood Pressure (b) Laugh : Teeth (c) Pain : Aspirin (d) Injury : First Aid

10. Weak : Fragile
(a) Strong : Wrestler (b) Light : Heavy (c) Few : Scarcity (d) Destiny : Fortune

11. Adult : Baby : : Flower : ?
(a) Seed (b) Bud (c) Fruit (d) Butterfly

12. Ocean : Water : : ? : Glacier : ?
(a) Mountain (b) Cave (c) Ice (d) Refrigerator

13. French : France : : Dutch : ?
(a) Holland (b) Norway (c) Fiji (d) Sweden

14. Tanning : Leather : : Pyrotechnics : ?
(a) Wool (b) Fireworks (c) Machinery (d) Bombs

15. Karnataka : Gold : : Madhya Pradesh : ?
(a) Diamond (b) Iron (c) Copper (d) Gems

1. (d) ‘Umpire’ is required to give decision in ‘Match’. Likewise ‘Judge’ is required to give decision in a ‘Law Suit’.
2. (a) The symbol ‘Logo’ is related to ‘Sports’. Likewise ‘Emblem’ is related to a ‘Nation’.
3. (c) ‘Cube’ comprises ‘Square’ on all of its surfaces. In the same way ‘Square’ comprise ‘Line’ on all of its sides.
4. (c) ‘Blood’ flows in ‘Vein’ in the same way, ‘Oil’ flows in ‘Pipelines’.
5. (b) ‘Net’ is required to ‘Trap’ and ‘Money’ is required for ‘Trade’.
6. (d) ‘Painter’ works on ‘Canvas’. Likewise ‘Sculptor’ works on ‘Marble’.
7. (a) ‘Frankness’ and ‘Blunt’ are synonyms and so are ‘Rise’ and ‘Awake’.
8. (c) ‘Nest’ is made up of ‘Straws’ and ‘Cloth’ is made up of ‘Threads’.
9. (a) Presence of the former gives rise to the presence of latter.
10. (d) Both the words are synonyms to each other.
11. (b) Former is the grown up state of letter.
12. (c) Former contains the latter.
13. (a) Former is the language used by the latter country.
14. (b) Former is the processing done on the latter.
15. (a) Former represents the place where the latter is found.