General knowledge Questions and Answers

1. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
(a) Khadar – Zonal soil (b) Podzol – Zonal soil
(c) Chestnut – Zonal soil (d) Bhangar – Azonal soil (Ans : a)

2. Which of the following reasons is responsible for lack of vegetation in the deserts?
(a) Heavy volume of sands (b) absence of B-horizon in the soil
(c) High temperature (d) Lack of rainfall (Ans : d)

3. Spot the odd item of the following–
(a) Shale (b) Marble (c) Limestone (d) Sandstone (Ans : b)

4. Identify the most infertile amongst the following soils.
(a) Black cotton soil (b) Alluvial soil (c) Laterite soil (d) Peaty soil (Ans : c)

5. Sher Shah defeated Humayun and captured Gaur in the battle of–
(a) Ghaghara in 1529 A.D. (b) Chause in 1539 A.D.
(c) Panipat in 1526 A.D. (d) Khanwa in 1527 A.D. (Ans : b)

6. The British Government intervened in the affairs of the Company and passed an Act in 1773. A.D., known as the–
(a) Regulating Act (b) Pitt’s India Act (c) Charter Act (d) Company Act (Ans : a)

7. The first Mysore War fought between the British and Hyder Ali in 1767 – 69 A.D., came to end by the–
(a) Treaty of Pondicherry (b) Treaty of Madras
(c) Treaty of Mysore (d) Treaty of Aix-Ia-Chapelle (Ans : b)

8. What are the folds found in the mucous lining of the empty stomach?
(a) Typhlosole (b) Areolae (c) Rugae (d) Villi (Ans : c)

9. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is appointed by the–
(a) Speaker of the Lok Sabha (b) Chairman of the Rajya Sabha
(c) Prime Minister (d) President (Ans : d)

10. Two – Party System in found in–
(a) Russia (b) U.S.A. (c) India (d) France (Ans : b)

11. Democratic Socialism aims at–
(a) bringing about Socialism through peaceful means
(b) Bringing about Socialism through violent and peaceful means
(c) bringing about socialism through violent means
(d) bringing about socialism through democratic means (Ans : d)

12. The most powerful Peshwa was–
(a) Balaji Baji Rao (b) Baji Rao (c) Madhava Rao (d) Balaji Vishwanath (Ans : b)

13. Who was the French Governor of Pondicherry. Who tried to make the French Company as a powerful company?
(a) Thomas Arthur, Comte Lally (b) Godeheu
(c) La Bourdonnais (d) Joseph Francois Dupleix (Ans : d)

14. The number of Subject incorporated in the Union list is–
(a) 97 (b) 102 (c) 82 (d) 89 (Ans : a)

15. The basic problem studied in Marco-Economics is–
(a) production of income (b) usage of income
(c) flow of income (d) distribution of income (Ans : a)

16. The book which is at the centerpiece of the study of Macro-Economics was written by–
(a) Prof. Samuelson (b) Prof. J.M. Keynes
(c) Prof. Benham (d) Prof. Baumol (Ans : b)

17. According to Modern Theory of Rent, rent accrues to–
(a) capital only (b) any factor (c) labour only (d) land only (Ans : b)

18. If the supply curve is a straight line passing through the origin, then the price elasticity of supply will be–
(a) less then unity (b) infinitely large
(c) greater than unity (d) equal to unity (Ans : d)

19. India follows the policy of non-alignment which implies.
(a) being a third world power (b) choosing its own policies
(c) neutrality towards power blocs (d) bringing peace and amity to the world (Ans : c)

20. A unit price elastic demand curve will touch–
(a) both price and quantity axis (b) neither price axis, nor quantity axis
(c) only price axis (d) only quantity axis (Ans : b)

21. Select the correct direction of Sirocco storm.
(a) Sahara to Medierranean Sea (b) North form U.S.A.
(c) West from Sahara (d) Adriatic Sea of Italy (Ans : a)

22. Which among the following is an abiotic factor?
(a) Mites (b) Moisture (c) Insects (d) Rodents (Ans : b)

23. Leaves of many grasses are capable of folding and unfolding because–
(a) their mesophyll is not differentiated into palisade and spongy parenchyma
(b) they have stomata on both sides of the leaf
(c) they have high levels of silica
(d) they have specialized bulliform cells (Ans : d)

24. Pleura is the covering of–
(a) Lung (b) Liver (c) Kidney (d) Heart (Ans : a)

25. Which one of following is an egg-laying mammal?
(a) Sloth (b) Duck - billed playpus (c) Kangaroo (d) Bandicoot (Ans : b)

26. The moderator used in a unclear reactor is–
(a) Uranium (b) Radium (c) Ordinary water (d) Graphite (Ans : c)

27. Solar eclipse occurs when–
(a) the Moon does not lie on the line joining the Sun and the Earth
(b) the Moon comes between the sun and the Earth
(c) the Sun cones between the moon and the Earth
(d) the Sun comes between the Moon and the Earth (Ans : b)

28. An aspect of Input/Output controller of data logic is called–
(a) General Buffering (b) Zero Buffering
(c) Buffering (d) Data Buffering (Ans : *)

29. What does BIOS stand for?
(a) Basic Internal Output System (b) Basic Intra Operating System
(c) Basic Internal Organ System (d) Basic Input Output System (Ans : d)

30. The device used to convert solar energy into electricity is–
(a) Photovoltaic cell (b) Daniell cell (c) Electrochemical cell (d) Galvanic cell (Ans : a)

31. Which of the following was the first Indian exclusive defence satellite which was successfully launched on 29 August, 2013?
(a) GSAT - 7 (b) MIG - 7 (c) GSET - 47 (d) GSAT - 6 (Ans : a)

32. On which data did the Rajya Sabha pass the marriage Laws” (Amendment) Bill 2012?
(a) 18th August, 2013 (b) 5th August, 2013
(c) 26th August, 2013 (d) 23rd August, 2013 (Ans : c)

33. Who won U.S. Open Men’s Single in 2013 in Lawn Tennis?
(a) Andy Murray (b) Roger Federer (c) Rafael Nadal (d) Novak Djokovic (Ans : c)

34. Who had been selected for the Tagore Award for Cultural Harmony is 2013?
(a) Kiran Bedi (b) Chetan Anand (c) Zubin Metha (d) Anita Desai (Ans : c)

35. The Indian Grandmaster who won the Commonwealth Chess Championship in 2013 is–
(a) Koneru Hummy (b) Magnus Carlsen
(c) Abhijeet Gupta (d) Vishwanathan Anand (Ans : c)

36. Who was elected as the Ninth President to International Olympic Committee (IOC) on 10th September, 2013?
(a) Thomas Bach (b) Ching-Kuo-Wu (c) Sergei Bubka (d) Richard Carrion (Ans : a)

37. Who had been selected for the Rajiv Gandhi National Sadhavana Award 2013?
(a) Amjad Ali Khan (b) Gautam Ghosh (c) Aashish Khan (d) Muzaffar Ali (Ans : a)

38. Who is the Present President of Pakistan?
(a) Asif Ali Zardari (b) Nawaz Sharif (c) Raza Rabbani (d) Mamnoon Hussain (Ans : d)

39. In August 2013, who won the International Children’s Peace Prize?
(a) Malala Yousafzai (b) Angela Merkel (c) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (d) Silvio Berlusconi (Ans : a)

40. Which river serves the largest cultivable area?
(a) Ganga (b) Sarya (c) Godavari (d) Kirshna (Ans : a)

41. Process through which plants reproduce–
(a) Pollination (b) Condensation (c) Eating (d) Evaporation (Ans : a)

42. Who was the first recipient of ‘Mahathir Award’ for Global Peace in August 2013?
(a) Malala Yousafzai (b) John Boehner (c) Howard Stern (d) Nelson Mandela (Ans : d)

43. The Hutti Gold mines are located in the State of–
(a) Karnataka (b) Tamil Nadu (c) Andhra Pradesh (d) Maharashtra (Ans : a)

44. The apparatus used to test acidity of aqueous solution is–
(a) pH meter (b) Ammeter (c) Hygrometer (d) Acidmeter (Ans : a)

45. Medicine of Quinine is provided by–
(a) Chinchona plant (b) Money plant (c) Eucalyptus Plants (d) Aconite plants (Ans : a)

46. In our country the ‘Van Mahotsav’ Day is observed on–
(a) 10th August (b) 1st July (c) 2nd October (d) 1st December (Ans : b)

47. The chemical name of “Plaster of Paris” commonly used for setting broken bones is–
(a) Calcium nitrate (b) Calcium sulphate (c) Calcium carbonate (d) Calcium chloloride (Ans : b)

48. Light year is a unit of–
(a) Light (b) Current (c) Distance (d) Time (Ans : c)

49. A spinning neutron star is known as–
(a) White dwarf (b) Black hole (c) Pulsar (d) Quasar (Ans : c)

50. The type of kidneys present in frog are–
(a) Mesonephros (b) Metanephros (c) Archinephros (d) Pronephros (Ans : a)