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tatement and Argument Questions with Answers MCQ of reasoning are very useful in Management (CAT, MAT), IBPS (PO and Clerk), SSC, SBI, LIC and other competitive exams.
Direction : In making decisions about important questions, it is desirable to distinguish between a must be both important and directly related to the question. A ‘weak’ argument may not be directly related to the question and may be of minor importance or may be related to the trivial aspect of the question. Each question below is followed which of the arguments is ‘strong’ and which is ‘weak’.
Give your answer as :
(a) if only argument I is strong,
(b) if only argument II is strong,
(c) if either I or II are strong,
(d) if neither I nor II is strong,
(e) if both I and II are strong.

1. Statement : Should we impart sex education in schools?
Arguments : I. Yes, all the progressive nations do so.
II. No, we can’t impart it in a co-educational school.

2. Statement : Should public holidays be declared on demise of important national leaders?
Arguments : I. No, Such unscheduled holidays hamper national progress.
II. Yes, people would like to pay their homage to the departed soul.

3. Statement : Should all the Government owned educational institutions be given to private sector?
Arguments : I. Yes, there will be upgradation of educational standard in these institutions.
II. Yes, the educational standard of these institutions will decrease.

4. Statement : Should the tution fees in all post graduate courses be hiked considerably?
Arguments : I. Yes, this will bring in some sense of seriousness among the students and will improve the quality.
II. No, this will force the meritorious poor students to stay away from the post-graduate courses.

5. Statement : Can Psychiatrists treat maniac permanently?
Arguments : I. Yes, they have all types of medicines.
II. No, the instincts keep on returning off and on.

6. Statement : Should age of retirement be brought down?
Arguments : I. Yes, Such a decision on the part of the Government would open new job opportunities to youngsters.
II. No, People often marry late and their children don’t get settled early.

7. Statement : Should the age for marriage for boys be increased to 30 years?
Arguments : I. No, it is arbitrary.
II. Yes, it may solve the population problem.

8. Statement : Should MLAs and MPs be allowed to change parties?
Arguments : I. Yes, every individual in a democratic set-up is fee to leave or join any party any time.
II. No, They should remain faithful to the party which nominated them as its candidates.

9. Statement : Do Scientists believe in religion?
Arguments : I. Yes, because Science as a profession does not come in the way of faith.
II. No, because religion and faith don’t go together.

10. Statement : Should jobs be delinked with a academic degrees and diplomas?
Arguments : I. No, a very large number of persons with meager academic qualification will apply.
II. No, importance of higher education will be diminished.

11. Statement : Will the Cauvery river water dispute be settled down at last?
Arguments : I. Yes, the politicians of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu will come to some satisfactory political settlement.
II. No, both the States have their own interests, hence the dispute will be prolonged.

12. Statement : Can the young enjoy the old movies?
Arguments : I. Yes, the movies of these days have no proper story.
II. No, the old movies lack the glamour and fastness of modern movies.

13. Statement : Should political parties be banned?
Arguments : I. Yes, It is necessary to teach a lesson to the politicians.
II. No, it will lead to an end of democracy.

14. Statement : Do thin clothes suit people who are over-weight?
Arguments : I. Yes, they cling to wearer making one look less fat.
II. No, in thin clothes bulges become more prominent.

15. Statement : Should cottage industries be encouraged in rural areas?
Arguments : I. Yes, rural people are creative.
II. Yes, this would help to solve the problem of unemployment to some extent.

1. (d) None of the argument is supported by a clear logic. Hence, both the arguments are weak.
2. (a) Considering India’s economy, unscheduled holidays will hamper national progress. Hence. Argument I is strong.
3. (a) Private sector is supposed to be more disciplined and efficient than the government sector. Hence, argument I is strong.
4. (b) Argument I is irrelevant. Argument II is strong because poor and deserving students will be affected by a hike in the fee.
5. (d) None of the arguments is a strong argument.
6. (e) Both the arguments are strong because each of the arguments deals with the statement quite logically.
7. (d) Both the arguments are weak.
8. (e) Both the arguments are strong. Each of the argument is supported by a valid logic.
9. (a) Argument I is strong because profession and religion are altogether different. Argument II is irrelevant.
10. (b) Argument II is strong as it logically supports the statement.
11. (d) None of the argument is strong because both the arguments are based on hypothetical facts.
12. (d) Both the arguments are weak.
13. (b) Only argument II is strong because ban on political parties will definitely lead to an end of democracy.
14. (e) Both the arguments are strong.
15. (b) Argument II is strong as cottage industries will definitely solve the problem of unemployment in rural areas. Argument I is not Logical.

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