General knowledge Questions and Answers

1. The B. C. Roy Award is given in the field of–
(A) Music (B) Films (C) Sports (D) Medicine (Ans : D)

2. The highest Civilian Award of the country - The Bharat Ratna has so far been given/ awarded to two foreign nationals. One of them is Nelson Mandela. The other distinguished national is–
(A) Marshal Tito (B) Mikhail Gorbachev
(C) Abdul Wali Khan (D) Abdul Gaffar Khan (Ans : D)

3. Entomology is a science that studies……….as its subjects.
(A) Behaviour of human beings (B) Insects
(C) Formations of rocks (D) Climate change (Ans : B)

4. The Ozone layer restricts–
(A) The visible light (B) Infrared radiation
(C) X and Gamma rays (D) Ultraviolet radiation (Ans : D)

5. Filaria is caused by–
(A) Protozoa (B) Virus (C) Bacteria (D) Mosquito (Ans : D)

6. The Golden Temple located at Amritsar in India is the–
(A) The largest Gurudwara (B) The Oldest Gurudwara
(C) Gurudwara with a Sarovar (D) Gurudwara which also has a museum (Ans : C)

7. The trophy Durand Cup is associated with which sport ?
(A) Football (B) Cricket (C) Hockey (D) Handball (Ans : A)

8. The headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is located in–
(A) Vienna (B) Geneva (C) Rome (D) Paris (Ans : A)

9. The host of the first Modern Olympics in 1896 was the city of–
(A) Athens, Greece (B) Paris (C) London (D) Rome (Ans : A)

10. The headquarters of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is at–
(A) Lagos (B) Algiers (C) Kuwait (D) Vienna (Ans : D)

11. A Buyer's Market means–
(A) Sellers are also buyers (B) Buyers are also sellers
(C) Supply exceeds demands (D) Demand exceeds supply (Ans : C)

12. Which of the following agencies is associated with business of Insurance sector as a regulator ?
(A) IRDA (B) SEBI (C) AMFI (D) ASCI (Ans : A)

13. Who wrote the book - "We the People" ?
(A) T. N. Kaul (B) J. R. D. Tata (C) Khushwant Singh (D) Nani Palkivala (Ans : D)

14. The lead character in the film The Bandit Queen has been played by–
(A) Rupa Ganguly (B) Seema Biswas (C) Pratibha Sinha (D) Shabana Azmi (Ans : B)

15. Who directed the film 1942 : A Love Story ?
(A) Mahesh Bhatt (B) Vidhu Vinod Chopra
(C) Yash Chopra (D) Ketan Mehta (Ans : B)

16. Who is the author of the famous statement "That Government is the best which governs least" ?
(A) Herbert Spencer (B) Harbert Simon
(C) Harold Laski (D) Henry David Thoreau (Ans : D)

17. The percentage of the earth surface covered by India is–
(A) 2.4% (B) 3.4% (C) 5.4% (D) 7.4% (Ans : A)

18. The refineries at Mathura, Digboi and Panipat have been set up by–
(A) Indian Oil Corporarion (B) Hindustan Hydrocarbons
(C) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (D) Madras Refineries Ltd. (Ans : A)

19. Which of the following is associated with Kidney disorder ?
(A) Ventilator (B) Dialysis (C) Pacemaker (D) Baropacing (Ans : B)

20. The Constitution of India provides citizenship by–
(A) Birth (B) Residence (C) Investment (D) Naturalisation (Ans : A)

21. The New Economic Policy was introduced in India in the year–
(A) 2012 (B) 2013 (C) 1991 (D) 2001 (Ans : C)

22. Which of the following foodgrain crop occupies the largest part of the cropped area in India ?
(A) Barley and Maize (B) Jowar and Bajra (C) Rice (D) Wheat (Ans : C)

23. Which of the following groups of rivers have their source of origin in Tibet?
(A) Brahmaputra, Ganges and Sutlej (B) Ganges, Yamuna and Sutlej
(C) Brahmaputra, Indus and Sutlej (D) Chenab, Ganges and Indus (Ans : C)

24. The most ideal region for the cultivation of cotton in India is–
(A) The Brahmaputra Valley (B) The Indo-Gangetic Valley
(C) The Deccan Plateau (D) The Ran of Kutch (Ans : C)

25. The ratio of width of our National Flag to its length is–
(A) 3 : 5 (B) 2 : 3 (C) 2 : 4 (D) 3 : 4 (Ans : B)

26. The words Satyamev Jayate inscribed below the base plate of the Emblem of India are taken from–
(A) The Rig Veda (B) The Atharva Veda
(C) Ramayana (D) Mundaka Upanishad (Ans : D)

27. Galvanised Iron sheets have a coating of–
(A) Lead (B) Chromium (C) Zinc (D) Tin (Ans : C)

28. The main constituents of Pearls are–
(A) Calcium oxide and Ammonium chloride
(B) Calcium carbonate and Magnesium carbonate
(C) Argonite and Conchiolin
(D) Ammonium sulphate and Sodium carbonate (Ans : B)

29. Where is the headquarters of Intel located?
(A) Redmond Washington (B) Tucson Arizona
(C) Santa Clara California (D) Richmond Virginia (Ans : C)

30. Compact Discs (according to original CD specification) hold how many minutes of music ?
(A) 174 minutes (B) 56 minutes (C) 60 minutes (D) 90 minutes (Ans : 80 Minutes)

31. Gilt edged market means–
(A) Bullion market (B) Market of Government securities
(C) Market of Guns (D) Market for pure metals (Ans : B)

32. In the last one decade which one among the following sectors has attracted the highest Foreign Direct Investment inflows into India ?
(A) Chemicals other than Fertilisers (B) Services sectors
(C) Food processing (D) Telecommunication (Ans : B)

33. The banks are required to maintain a certain ratio between their cash-in-hand and total assets. This is called–
(A) Statutory Bank Ratio (SBR) (B) Statutory Liquid Ratio (SLR)
(C) Central Bank Reserve (CBR) D) Central Liquid Reserve (CLR) (Ans : B)

34. Subsidies mean–
(A) Payment by the Government for purchase of goods and services
(B) Payment made by business enterprises to factors of production
(C) Payment made by companies to shareholders
(D) Payment made by Government to business enterprises, without buying goods or services
(Ans : D)

35. Resurgent India Bonds were issued in US Dollar, Pound Sterling and–
(A) Japanese Yen (B) Deutsche Mark (C) Euro (D) French Franc (Ans : B)

36. Which Indian company's tagline is "The difference lies in our DNA".
(A) Infosys (B) Sun Pharma (C) Lupin Labs (D) Biocon (Ans : D)

37. You see the tagline "The Ultimate Driving Machine. " You are reading about which automobile ?
(A) Jaguar (B) Bugatti (C) BMW (D) Mercedes (Ans : C)

38. The Josh Machine refers to–
(A) Harley Davidson (B) Ford Ikon (C) Swift Dzire (D) Yamaha (Ans : B)

39. The lyricist for the advertisement of Airtel "Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai……….' is–
(A) Ram Sam path (B) Prason Joshi
(C) Piyush Pandey (D) Amitabh Bhattacharya (Ans : B)

40. The Chairperson of State Bank of India is–
(A) Arundhati Bhattacharya (B) Chanda Kochar
(C) Chitra Rama Krishna (D) Renu Sud Karnad (Ans : A)

41. The M. D. and CEO of CRISIL is–
(A) Roshni Nadar (B) Sara Mathen (C) Roopa Kudva (D) Debjani Ghosh (Ans : C)

42. The Chairperson of Tara Group is–
(A) Dorabji Tata (B) Soli Sorabjee (C) Cyrus Mistry (D) Ratan Tata (Ans : C)

43. Megastar Amitabh Bachchan stopped endorsing a cold drink brand after being confronted by a young school girl who asked him why was he promoting unhealthy drinks. The brand is–
(A) Pepsi (B) Red Bull (C) Evian (D) Coke (Ans : A)

44. Alibaba Group which operates in the area of E-commerce based businesses is based in–
(A) Hong Kong (B) Singapore (C) Malaysia (D) China (Ans : D)

45. Which of the following is not an example of a document file ?
(A) Spreadsheet (B) Thesis (C) Letter (D) Termpaper (Ans : A)

46. Which of the following is not an Indian Pharma company ?
(A) Ranbaxy (B) Pfizer (C) Cipla (D) Nicholas Piramal (Ans : C)

47. Which of the following is not a brand from Godrej Group?
(A) Ezee (B) Fair Glow (C) Harpic (D) Antral (Ans : C)

48. Philip Kotler is a widely known personality in the field of–
(A) Investment (B) Marketing (C) Technology (D) Fine Arts (Ans : B)

49. Ashok Leyland is owned by the
(A) Hindujas (B) Tatas (C) Birlas (D) Arnbanis (Ans : A)

50. Mountain Dew, a carbonated soft drink brand, is produced and owned by which company ?
(A) Coke (B) Parle (C) Duke (D) Pepsi (Ans : D)

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