General knowledge Questions and Answers

1. A particle is executing S.H.M. Then what is the graph of acceleration as a function of displacement? – Hyperbola
2. An atom has 7 electrons in its M-shell and contains 18 neutrons in its nucleus. What is its mass number? – 35
3. The medicine ephedrin used in the treatment of cough, asthma and bronchitis, from where is obtained? – Ephedra
4. By whom was the concept of dual nature of radiation proposed? – de-Broglie
5. In a bisexual flower if androcium and gynoecium mature at different time the phenomenon is known as which name? – Dichogamy
6. A small drop falls from rest from a large height h in air. What is the final velocity? – Almost independent of h
7. Why does Molten sodium chloride conduct electricity? – Due to the presence of free ions
8. Which modification of root does not store food? – Stilt
9. The total energy of a particle vibrating in S.H.M. is proportional to which thing? –The square of its Amplitude
10. A body rolling freely on the surface of the earth eventually comes, why does it to rest? – Because it suffers friction

11. What is the a biological process in which glucose and fat is oxidised to librate energy? – Respiration
12. What is an example of Miscelles System here? – Soap + Water
13. A gale blows over a house. The force due to the gale on the roof is in which direction? – In the upward direction
14. Why is Ail aqueous solution of copper sulphate is acidica in nature? – Because the salt undergoes hydrolysis
15. Oxygen released during photosynthesis of green plant comes from the breakdown of which thing? – Water
16. The pressure at the bottom of a liquid tank does not depend on which area? – Area of the liquid surface
17. Which compound transforms baking soda into baking powder? – KHC4H4O6
18. Water will be absorbed by root hairs, then how is when the external medium? – Hypotonic
19. Why is Weightlessness experienced in spaceship? – Due to absence of gravity
20. How is Perchloric acid prepared? – By the action of Concentrate sulphuric acid on potassium perchlorate
21. What is the Study of system of animal body which protects it from infection of various disease? – Immunology
22. A particle revolves round a circular path with a constant speed, how is the acceleration of the particle? – Along the radius
23. Which is the Branch of science that deal with the improvement of human race by providing better environmental condition? – Euthenics
24. Aluminium surface are often ‘anodized’. This means deposition of a layer of which oxide? – Zinc oxide
25. Which Animal is also known as ‘Portuguese man of war’? – Physalia
26. Which metal is extracted by thermal reduction process? – Copper
27. An ideal liquid flows through a horizontal tube of variable diameter. The pressure is lowest and what will be velocity? – Velocity is highest
28. If a non-metal is added to the interstitial sites of a metal, then how does the metal become? – less malleable
29. Which is used as a gift in Japan? – Euplectella
30. A gas is enclosed in a container which is then placed on a fast moving train. What will be the temperature of the gas? – Remain unchanged
31. When will a hot body radiate maximum energy? – iIf its surface is black and rough
32. How many electrons are involved in the oxidation by KMnO4 in basic medium? – 4
33. Which chemical substance secreted by particular species of animal to attract another member of same species? – Pheromones
34. How is the heat transferred by the radiator of a refrigerator? – More than that at the freezer
35. Which compound of zinc is white when cold and yellow when hot? – ZnO
36. Pheretima posthuma is scientific name of which animal? – Earth worm
37. Merscuric sulphide dissolves in aqua-regia to form which compund? – HgCl2
38. An individual whose blood type is B may in an emergency donate blood to a person which blood groups? – AB or B
39. If the amplitude of a wave at a distance t from a point source is A, what will be the amplitude at a distance 2r? – A/2
40. In which sequence are the electromagnetic radiations in decreasing order of wave lengths? – Infrared, radio, X-rays, visible
41. Salts of which element provide colours to fireworks? – Strontium and barium
42. Which organ have the capacity of regeneration? – Liver
43. With the increase in temperature, what happens in the frequency of the sound from an organ pipe? – Increases
44. What is obtained when cadmium chloride is treated with water? – Cd(OH)2
45. Which organ cannot be transplanted? – Brain
46. When a coin placed in a bowl of water is seen from above, how does it appears? – Raised from its position
47. What is formed when cadmium reacts with H2S? – CdS
48. Appetite and satiety centres of brain, where are present in? – Hypothalmus
49. Which gland disapear during old age? – Thymus
50. How is the matallic nature of transition elements is than that of alkali metals? – Less
51. Which types of waves are used in a night vision apparatus? – Infra-red-waves
52. When seen in green light, what will the saffron and green portions of our national flag appear? – Black and green respectively
53. The 3d transition series contains how many elements from atomic number? – 21 to 30
54. Which blood group is universal doner? – O
55. Which lanthanides are used in glass, blowers, goggles? – Pr, Nd
56. Why is the function of the collimator in a spectrometer? – To obtain a parallel beam of light
57. What is the smallest structural and functional unit of nervous system? – Neuron
58. Which compound is obtained when auric chloride reacts with sodium chloride? – Na[AuCl4]
59. What is systolic and diastolic pressure in a healthy man? – 120 mm and 80 mm
60. The refractive index of a piece of transparent quartz is the greatest for which light? – Violet light
61. Which part of human brain is the regulating centre for swallowing and vomating? – Medulla oblangata
62. By which Carbon and hydrogen are estimated in organic compounds? – Liebig’s method
63. If the refractive angle of a prism is 60° and the minimum deviation is 30°, then the angle of incidence is how many degrees? – 45°
64. What is present both in plant and animal? – Plasma membrane
65. What does mixture of CS2 and H2S on passing over heated copper give? – Methane
66. If the rotational velocity of a dynamo armature is doubled, what will then the induced emf? – Become double
67. Which is used in storage batteries? – Lead
68. What is the name of the poisonous gas formed by the interaction of acetylene and arsenic trichloride? – Lewisite
69. Which tissue take part in healing the wounds? – Epithelium tissue
70. When a body is earth connected, electrons from the earth flow into the body. What is its mean? –This means the body is Charged positively
71. Acetylene is used as an anaesthetic under which name? – Narcylene
72. In daily requirement basis which vitamin is required in largest quantity by the human body? – Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)
73. When does not No current flows between two charged bodies? – If they have same potential
74. Denatured spirit is a mixture of ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol and which other thing? – Pyridine
75. Consumption of fish is considered to be healthy compared to flesh of other animals why? – Because it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids
76. What is the reason for excessive solubility of ethyl alcohol in water? – Due to hydrogen bonding with water
77. Through which are the characters are transferred from parents to progeny? – DNA
78. A radioactive substance has a half life of 4 months. In how many months will three fourths of the substance will decays? – 8 months
79. The cause of fractional atomic weights of elements? – The presence of Isotopes
80. Which gas, is used for artificial ripening of fruit? – C2H4

81. Which branch of biology deal with the study of heredity? – Genetics
82. The maximum number of photo electrons released in photocell is independent of which thing? – Frequency
83. A fruity smell is produced by the reaction of C2H5OH with which formula? – CH3COOH
84. By which can Evolutionary development of a species be best studied? – Studying fossils of this species
85. What is the process by which vegetable ghee is manufactured? – Hydrogenation
86. Early atmosphere contained methane and other hydrocarbons they have been now replaced by which gas? – Carbon dioxide
87. For an electric dipole, how are the field at a point on the equatorial line and the dipole moment? – In opposite direction
88. Crop sown soon after the onset of south-west monsoon in India, what is this called? – Kharif
89. Thermal decomposition of alkanes is known as which name? – Cracking
90. If a diamagnetic substance is brought near north and south pole of a oar magnet, what will be then? – It is Repelled by poles
91. What is a glass sided tank, bowl in which aquatic animals live? – Aquarium
92. Deficiency of which vitamin causes xerophthalmia? – Vitamin A
93. If a wire of resistivity p is stretched to double its length, then what will change in its new resistivity? – Not change
94. Cathode rays enter an electric field normal to the lines of force. Then how is their path in the electric field is– – Parabola
95. The word “biodiversity” is a combination of which two words? – Biology and diversity
96. Which thing is the sweetest natural sugar? – Lactose
97. Jaundice in human beings affects which of the body part? – Liver
98. How many orangutans disappear each year as result of palm oil farming? – 5000
99. The sky wave propagation is suitable for radio waves of frequency form how many MHz? – From 2 MHz to 30 MHz
100. Which is considered a hot-spot of biodiversity in India? – Western Ghats

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