General knowledge Questions and Answers

1. Who started the first newspaper in India? – James A. Hickey
2. Who pioneered Khilafat Movement? – Ali Brothers
3. Which was the first metal used by man? – Copper
4. Which contains the Gayatri Mantra? – Rigveda
5. By whom was the Fourth Buddhist-Council held? – Kanishka
6. Between which was the ancient town of Takshasila located? – Indus and Jhelum
7. During the Sangam Age, Uraiyur was the capital of which rular? – Cholas
8. Who were the first to establish trade contacts with the Roman empire? – Tamils
9. By whom was Decimal system introduced? – Bhaskara
10. Which general of Alauddin Khalji conquered Deccan a number of times ? – Malik Kafur

11. Sher Shah died while fighting in which war? – Kalinjar
12. Where was the first Cotton mill in India established? – Bombay
13. By whom was the practice of Sati was declared illegal? – Lord William Bentinck
14. By whom was the slogan ‘Inquilab Zinda bad’ first raised? – Bhagat Singh
15. On the which bank of river is the site of Harappa located? – Ravi
16. Who was the great Hindu law-giver? – Manu
17. Where had Buddha delivered maximum sermons? – Sravasti
18. Shishunaga dynasty is credited to have destroyed which mahajanpada ? – Avanti
19. Mostly in which form was the literature of the Sangam Age written? – Poetry form
20. who deciphered the Brahmi script? – James Princep
21. Who Cholas was defeated by Krishna-III of Rashtrakutas? – Parantaka-I
22. What was Karaj in the thirteenth century ? – Tax on cultivation
23. Who was the earliest Sufi Saint to have settled at Ajmer? – Sheikh Moinuddin Chisti
24. Who translated Ramayana into Persian? – Badaurii
25. To whom the credit of discovering the sea route of India goes? – Portuguese
26. Which State was first annexed by Lord Dalhousie under the Doctrine of Lapse? – Satara
27. By whom was the All India Muslim League founded? – Agha Khan
28. When the first metal tool came into being why was it used for? – Clearing jungles
29. What are Upanishadas? – books on Yoga 44. In which language did Buddha preach? – Pali
30. In which language did Buddha preach? – Pali
31. Who was a great ruler of Kalinga in ancient times? – Kharavela
32. To whom the Sarnath's Lion Capital attributed? – Ashoka
33. What was the language of the Satavahana inscription? – Prakrit
34. Kamarupa is the old name of which state? – Assam
35. Who where the Slave Dynasty Sultans? – Ilbari Turks
36. Which Bhakti saint wrote the commentary on Vedanta sutras in Sanskrit? – Vallabhacharya
37. During the Mughal period which trader first came to-India? – Portuguese
38. In 1757, By whom was the Siraj-ud-daula defeated? – Clive
39. Who was the founder of the Radha Swami Satsang ? – Siva Dayal Saheb
40. Who was involved in the Alipore Bomb case? – Aurobindo Ghosh

41. With which period do we associate the 'microlith' implements? – Mesolithic
42. Which is the oldest Veda? – Rigveda
43. Buddha and Mahavira died during which reign? – Ajatashatru
44. Who was the founder of the Nanda dynasty? – Mahapadma Nanda
45. Which site, where Ashokan pillars exist, has the bull capital? – Rampurva
46. Which city was regarded as the best producer of silk? – Varanasi
47. Who contributed the Chalukya in Western India? – Guptas
48. Who was the first and the last woman ruler of Delhi? – Razia Sultan
49. Whose philosophy is called the Advaita? – Shankaracharya
50. Where is the mausoleum of Sher Shah? – Sasaram

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