General knowledge Questions and Answers

1. The United Nations University established in 1973 is the academic and research arm of the United Nations.  It is headquartered in–
(a) New York, USA (b) Washington DC, USA
(c) Tokyo, Japan (d) Geneva, Switzerland
(e) Manila, Philippines (Ans : c)

2. Shri Narendra Singh Tomar, the Union Minister for Mines and Steel is a Member of Parliament from the Indian State of–
(a) Bihar (b) Maharashtra (c) Rajasthan
(d) Madhya Pradesh (e) Chattisgarh (Ans : d)

3. PM Shri Narendra Modi has recently dedicated to the nation two units, each of 600 MW of the Shree Singaji Thermal Power Plant in–
(a) Ujjain District (b) Khandwa District (c) Ratlam District
(d) Bhopal District (e) Indore District (Ans : b)

4. The committee recently set up by the Central Government to interact with industry on tax laws to give recommendations to CBDT and CBEC for issuance of clarifications when necessary, is headed by–
(a) Arvind Goswami (b) Arvind Subramaniam (c) Arvind Mayaram
(d) Vijay Kelkar (e) Ashok Lahiri (Ans : e)

5. According to the Public Enterprises Survey recently tabled in Parliament, the most profitable Public Sector Enterprise during 2013-2014 was–
(a) BSNL (b) ONGC (c) NTPC (d) NMDC (e) NPCL (Ans : b)

6. In terms of the Motor Vehicle Agreement signed between the two countries during the recent 18th SAARC Summit at Nepal, a direct bus service has recently been launched in March 2015 between Varanasi and–
(a) Lahore, Pakistan (b) Kathmandu, Nepal (c) Thimphu, Bhutan
(d) Kabul, Afghanistan (e) Dhaka, Bangladesh (Ans : b)

7. The 'Armed Forces Flag Day' is observed every year on the–
(a) 26th October (b) 21st November (c) 18th December
(d) 7th December (e) 21st September (Ans : d)

8. 'Vishu' is the New Year day and a Hindu festival celebrated in the Indian State of–
(a) Karnataka (b) Goa (c) Telangana (d) Odisha (e) Kerala (Ans : e)

9. Sushil Kumar is associated with the sports of–
(a) Tennis (b) Basketball (c) Football (d) Wrestling (e) Golf (Ans : d)

10. The 'Shwedagon Pagoda' also known as 'Great Dagon Pagoda' and the 'Golden Pagoda' is situated in–
(a) Mumbai, India (b) Tokyo, Japan (c) Yangon, Myanmar
(d) Kyoto, Japan (e) Thimphu, Bhutan (Ans : c)

11. The capital of the Myanmar is–
(a) Thimphu (b) Putrajaya (c) Langkawi (d) Naypyidaw (e) Punakha (Ans : d)

12. The World's largest and tallest Indian National flag was recently unfurled in–
(a) Faridabad (b) Gurgaon (c) Kamal (d) Ghaziabad (e) Panipat (Ans : a)

13. As per 2011 census, the total number of children in the age-group 0-6 years was–
(a) 185. 8 million (b) 198. 8 million (c) 221. 8 million
(d) 189. 8 million (e) 158. 8 million (Ans : e)

14. 'G.  Karthikeyan', who recently passed away at Bengaluru was the speaker of the Legislative Assembly of–
(a) Karnataka (b) Kerala (c) Telangana (d) Tamil Nadu (e) Andhra Pradesh (Ans : b)

15. In the budget for 2015-2016, the Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley has proposed to set up a centre for film production, animation and gaming in the State of–
(a) Haryana (b) Meghalaya (c) Andhra Pradesh
(d) Jammu and Kashmir (e) Arunachal Pradesh (Ans : e)

16. The film 'Ida' named as the 'Best Foreign Language Film' at the 87th Academy Awards 2015 is–
(a) a Polish drama film (b) a French family drama film
(c) an American comedy film (d) a Russian short story film
(e) a British documentary film (Ans : a)

17. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, India's largest drug maker, has recently announced that it would acquire the oplates business of British drug maker Glaxo Smith Kline(GSK) in–
(a) Europe (b) USA (c) New Zealand (d) Asia (e) Australia (Ans : e)

18. The first woman to be appointed as a Director on the board of Reliance industries- the nation's largest private sector company is–
(a) Tina Anil Ambani (b) Meera Sanyal (c) Nita Mukesh Ambani
(d) Usha Thorat (e) Kokilaben Ambani (Ans : c)

19. The Lok Sabha recently passed the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2015, that proposes to raise the foreign investment cap in the insurance sector from 26 percent to–
(a) 69 percent (b) 51 percent (c) 59 percent (d) 55 percent (e) 49 percent (Ans : e)

20. Who amongst the following has recently been elected as the new President of BCCI ?
(a) N. Srinivasan (b) Rajiv Shukla (c) Sanjay Patel
(d) Jagmohan Dalmiya (e) Anurag Thakur (Ans : d)

21. 880 MW Kaiga Atomic Power Plant is situated near the river Kali in the Indian State of–
(a) Tamil Nadu (b) Kerala (c) Andhra Pradesh (d) Karnataka (e) Maharashtra (Ans : d)

22. The currency of the 'Republic of South Africa' is–
(a) Rand (b) Rial (e) Ruble (d) Riyal (e) Rial (Ans : a)

23. 'Fugdi' is a traditional folk dance popular in the Indian State of–
(a) Goa (b) Bihar (c) Odisha (d) Chattisgarh (e) Gujarat (Ans : a)

24. The 'CNSA' is the national space agency of–
(a) Soviet Union (b) Republic of Singapore (c) Russian Federation
(d) People's Republic of China (e) United States of America (Ans : d)

25. In the recent Union Budget 2015, the Union Minister of Finance has proposed to support the 'Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana' which aims to boost–
(a) Floriculture Production (b) Drip Irrigation (c) Watershed Development
(d) Minor Irrigation (e) Organic Farming (Ans : c)

26. The RBI has recently allowed Indians to carry high value denomination notes while travelling to Nepal and Bhutan within a limit of–
(a) Rs. 20,000/- (b) Rs. 30,000/- (c) Rs. 35,000/-
(d) Rs. 25,000/- (e) Rs. 40,000/- (Ans : d)

27. Reliance infrastructure with its wholly-owned subsidiary Reliance Defence Systems Private Ltd.  has.  recently announced the acquisition of Pipavav Defence Company Limited based in–
(a) Tamil Nadu (b) Maharashtra (c) Goa (d) Kerala (e) Gujarat (Ans : b)

28. Tile abbreviation 'CSR' stands for–
(a) Collective Social Responsibility (b) Collective Shared Responsibility
(c) Corporate Social Responsibility (d) Corporate Shared Responsibility
(e) Commercial Shared Responsibility (Ans : c)

29. For highlighting women's safety, the National Insurance of gender justice has recently honoured film actress–
(a) Rani Mukherji (b) Vidya Balan (c) Jaya Bachchan
(d) Priyanka Chopra (e) Hema Malini (Ans : a)

30. The global meet on countering Violent Extremism was recently held in–
(a) London, UK (b) New York, USA (c) Washington, USA
(d) Ottawa, Canada (e) Paris, France (Ans : c)

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